Here Comes the Sun

I’m so over the cold weather. Although, I’m in the Southwest, so I really can’t complain about frosty temperatures. Regardless, Kaithleen’s Tunic reminded me of sunny days and the beach!

Kaithleen Tunic and CoMotion Cyndi PoseHere’s a lift to Acid Lily.

  • Kaithleen’s Offshoulder Silk Tunic in Rose at Acid Lily
  • Pose: Co*Motion So Cyndi 2 at Acid Lily
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga 1.5 with Lipgloss, Smokey Eye, and Saga Lips 02
  • PurpleMoon Coco Sunglasses in Choco
  • JCNY – Soho, Hardwood Collection, Bracelets
  • Miss C. Hair  BiAlex in Coffee
  • N-core Manicure
  • mon tissu Straw Tote Bag – Dark Brown


Who doesn’t love to relax in the tub? However, while the bath water runs, one has to say warm. MoYaz has a comfy outfit for this week’s Acid Lily collection. The leggings and top are mesh. I have to say that I love mesh leggings!

MoYaz at Acid Lily

You can find the MoYaz Pia tank top and Sonia Mesh leggings, from the MoYaz Cashmere Collection, at a killer promo price at Acid Lily. Click here for a lift! 


Featuring MoYaz Pia Tank and Sonia Mesh Leggings at Acid Lily
Slink Mesh Feet
LAQ Saga Skin and Smokey Eye Makeup – Tone 1.0
D!va Hair Yuri 3

Wednesday may be gone, but it’s not forgotten

Plenty of good deals going on at LIV Glam this weekend. The new release Mischka outfit was actually part of this past Wednesday’s Secret Sale, but you can still pick it up for the killer price of 49L.


When it comes to mesh, at least I’ve found, it’s all about the textures, and Samantha Jones always delivers one of a kind textures for her mesh creations. Samantha has actually been nominated for 2012 Avi Choice Awards for her gorgeous mesh items. You can vote for her here! Exercise your right to vote 😉 Happy Shopping!

Outfit: LIV-Glam *WINTER-2012* MISCHKA
Shoes: LIV-Glam Fall 2012-[Stella]-Eclipse Patachwork
Bag: LIV-Glam Fall 2012-[Stella]-Glitter Leave Clutch-{Mesh}R Hand
Necklace: (luc) Sirena, Long Necklace Gold by Lucas Lameth
Makeup: LAQ ~ Saga Lips 05
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
Hair: LeLutka-KEELEY hair – Praline
Pose: No wow Elysian field -no wow- [elysian fields] spring and shady groves

Perfect Pitch

Part of LIV Glam’s appeal is the ability to create many outfits out of one via a color change hud. The new Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic is a perfect example of that. The solid color in the middle uses LIV Glam’s 24 Pantone Hud which translates to gorgeous colors for the fall weather. The careful shading on Hannah will make this one of your favorite go to outfits. The trumpet sleeves are impeccable! You’ll find the middle version at the main store. Click here for the new store location.

Find the version on the right at the Designer Showcase on sale for 89L. Aren’t the color selections awesome? I love the variety of prints.

Wednesday will be here before you know it and here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get for this week’s Secret Wednesday Sale. I totally gave away the secret! Shhhh….but now you know the first place to hit come Wednesday!

Regardless, it’s no secret that women are complex creatures and we have the right to change our minds as fast as our clothes. LIV Glam makes it easy to stay in style while exercising that right 😉

Happy shopping!

Featuring LIV Glam Fall 2012 Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic

Look on left:
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @ LIV Glam (sneak preview colors for this coming Secret Wednesday Sale)
Hair: Lelutka Wilde
Accessories: PurpleMoon Idril Necklace, Earrings, and Ring with Malachites
Shoes: Kungler Ankle Boots Snake-Grape
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: no-wow
Look in Middle
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @ LIV Glam
Hair: Wasabi Alice
Necklace and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Shoes: LIV Glam Nayomi Autumn Ankle Boots
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: Glitterati
Look on Right
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @  Designer Showcase
Hair: Wasabi Monique
Accessories: JCNY Soho Set
Shoes: G Field Long Cuff Boots Will
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: Glitterati

Around the World with Glamour Style Fay

Glamour Style by Christy Hamer has a new release that screams vacation! Fay is a cool mesh dress and it also has a little suitcase! The suitcase has a built-in AO, so you are able to use it to walk and it also has a stand. I wanted to show the sexy side slits and the suitcase, so just to let you know, I’m not standing in the pose in the picture below. Each item is sold separately or you can purchase the complete outfit that comes with the mesh boots, hat, and suitcase for 630L. If you just love the dress, you can get that for 290L. That also comes with the suitcase as a gift.

I did some photo editing with the above picture, so I’m adding a couple of raw shots to show the outfit accurately. I love the open back!. I’m not normally a hat person, but this little cap is too adorable with the little ribbon on the brim.

The suitcase can be used for other outfits of course, especially if you are into roleplaying modern travelers (if there is such a roleplay lol).

The default stand is just a basic stand and you wear the suitcase on your hand. If you like to wear nails and other accessories, you can simply add the suitcase or accessories to have both on. I personally don’t have much use for a suitcase in SL, but I love this little dress. It also comes in a beautiful brown that is a perfect shade for fall. Here’s a ride to Glamour Style and you can check out both! Click HERE! 😀

Outfit: GS FAY in Black Fat Pack @ Glamour Style
Makeup: Glam Affair Leah Lipstick 09
Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Alice Mesh Hair – Pancake
Jewelry: PurpleMoon Idril Necklace and Ring with Malachites @ Gypset Market
Nails: N-core Manicure

Sugar and Candy

Stunna Inc has two mesh dresses over at Acid Lily. The icy colored dress is Sugar DivaGlam and the vibrantly colored dress is called Candy DivaGlam. They are still available for today, and perhaps tomorrow, at a low promo price, so if you have a sweet tooth, satisfy that craving with Stunna Inc’s DivaGlam. Catch a ride HERE.

Look on Left:
!!!STUNNA INC!!! Sugar DivaGlam @ Acid Lily
Hair: Vanity Chiffon
Earrings: [ glow ] studio Please me
Nails: N-core manicure

Look on Right:
!!!STUNNA INC!!! Candy DivaGlam @ Acid Lily
Hair: Vanity Wake Up Alone
Makeup: LpD Lia
Earrings: Zibska Alana
Nails: N-core manicure

Acid Lily and a Hot Tin Roof

Tin Roof’s dress Chevy is a sunny little piece for the last hot days of the year. It’s made of mesh and has a variety of sizes to choose from. It also comes with the open toe pumps that have a light toe and a dark toe version. However, they aren’t modifiable so you can’t match your skin tone perfectly. I shot my picture with ultra graphics and regular midday windlights; it’s a raw snapshot, so you can see the light version toes.

The dress shape is way cute though and the shadows are nicely done. It’s steal of a price located at Acid Lily’s Fashion Showcase until the rest of this week.


TinRoof Chevy Mesh Dress with Matching Pumps @ Acid Lily Fashion Showcase 

(luc) Sirena, Hoop Earring Gold
[MANDALA]Milky Nails/SUN GOLD Ring Only
Alana ~ Bangle [Right]
[ glow ] studio – Ombre Manicure
[e] Figure – Blonde 07
Glam Affair Skin – Lilith – America 05 with Cassiopea Cosmetics – Freckles B

Summer Loving

Acid Lily have brand new collections for their showcase, and Liv Glam offers a super cute mesh floral mini dress. It’s a complete outfit, so that means matching heels and jewelry. Perfect for a quick summer look.

The shoes have a color change hud so you can find a good match for your skin. I really don’t like messing around with shoe huds (but honestly who does?), but it’s just the way it is in SL, so I love it when they are nice and simple.

As mentioned before, Acid Lily’s new collection is out and all items, including this outfit, are offered at promotional prices just for this week!


[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012 PinTuck (Mesh) comes with earrings, bracelet, and necklace @ Acid Lily

Glam Affair skin – Cassiopea America 06 skin with cosmetics – Freckles B

Izzie’s – Eyeliner 2

N-core Manicure

[Shag] – Siren – umber

Pose Glitterati Milliner 1

Vintage Fair 2012

One of my favorite movies is Moulin Rouge, so when I opened Liv Glam’s newest design for Vintage Fair, it immediately reminded me of Satine. However, it’s not the silhouette, nor the design itself, but the emotion behind the creation. It’s so sleek and I love mermaid skirts. They are just so chic to me. Like most of Liv Glam’s designs, this gown also comes with a color change hud. I was in a red Moulin Rouge mood so I chose to wear it in red 😉 This look and many others will be available at Vintage Fair, so start gathering up your lindens.


[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012-Vintage Chique 2-Dress with Flexis (will be available at Vintage Fair)

JCNY – Satine Diamond Earrings and Necklace and Cinx Nails

Vanity Hair:Gauloise-Auburn Black Tipped

Glam Affair Skin – Giselle – Light

Maitreya Gold * Hana Black Leather Heels

Boho Chique

I don’t really dress in formal wear often (here or in rl), so I love it when designers have cute casual clothes to run around in. This cute little ensemble is part of Liv-Glam’s Vintage Chique Collection, and what I love the most about yes it’s jeans and cute top…but mostly it’s loads of jeans and cute top thanks to the color hud. Realistically speaking I could leave this on my avi and just change the colors and accessories and have a new outfit to run around in. Love that!

The jeans have the cutest back pockets too! The jeans and tops go along with each other so blouse matches the back pockets…so cute!

Loads of combinations you can choose from! Just a quick click of the color change hud offers you different patterns and you can adjust those shades too.

Check it out at Vintage Fair…coming very very very soon!

Styling Credits:

[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012-Vintage Chique Jeans and Blouse (will be at Vintage Fair)

Slink Bare feet and Slink Ilena Sandals in White

cheLLe – Bohemian Beauty Undereye Shadows (Navy) from One Voice

JCNY – ‘CINX Nails, NYC Street Fashion

Miss C. – Anne in Natural

[MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet and Hand ring in pure White

[MANDALA] Soul Blue Earrings

[MANDALA] Takara Bangle white stone Bracelet

Glam Affair – Giselle – Natural BL HB 01


Glitterati’s The Bridge and Posie’s