Summer Loving

Acid Lily have brand new collections for their showcase, and Liv Glam offers a super cute mesh floral mini dress. It’s a complete outfit, so that means matching heels and jewelry. Perfect for a quick summer look.

The shoes have a color change hud so you can find a good match for your skin. I really don’t like messing around with shoe huds (but honestly who does?), but it’s just the way it is in SL, so I love it when they are nice and simple.

As mentioned before, Acid Lily’s new collection is out and all items, including this outfit, are offered at promotional prices just for this week!


[LIV-Glam] Summer 2012 PinTuck (Mesh) comes with earrings, bracelet, and necklace @ Acid Lily

Glam Affair skin – Cassiopea America 06 skin with cosmetics – Freckles B

Izzie’s – Eyeliner 2

N-core Manicure

[Shag] – Siren – umber

Pose Glitterati Milliner 1

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