Back in the day, I actually joined Second Life for one of my undergrad classes. It was Technology in Classrooms, and I wondered why it was part of our curriculum. Now I know why. My instructor was probably addicted to SL becausesay it with meSecond Life is addictive!

Laylah Lecker is not my original avatar. She came along a few months later, but I really wanted to explore all facets of SL and create someone with thought. Thus, Laylah was born. One of my favorite stories is Layla and Majnun, so that was my inspiration for my name. I love stories of star-crossed lovers.

When starting SL with Laylah, I immediately thought modeling would be cool, and it was…but now that I’m an older avi, I am more interested in SL fashion and photography. There are tons of creative designers out there! I’ve always been a writer, so blogging is a good fit for me. Sometimes, my photos may not make sense, but they have a story to me. When I add a song to a blog, that means I’m listening to it on repeat.

Nowadays, I’m political AF. I don’t rant, or try not to, on my blog dedicated to Second Life fashion, poses, and photography. Instead, I use pictures with very little words as a means of catharsis.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great posts am curious now if you still think when you wrote that in 2013 if now you would use the word “game” when speaking of SL or instead say it is a virtual social platform…just mildly interested as I have never spent 8 years playing any game with consistently

    • Hi Starr and thank you so much! You know, my definition of SL has changed. When it comes to most games, we can either win or lose, and I’ve found SL isn’t so black and white. Now, when I first started, walking straight and flying with grace and purpose were my goals lol so it was like a game to me, but one day, my personality trickled through the keyboard and I connected with real people and their traits. I made friends, lost friends, and laughed and hurt in ways I never had before. That’s no game. It reeks of real life, so now I call SL a virtual world when I describe it to others. Some nonresidents don’t get it, but that’s okay. =)

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