Mix and Match

The new generation of wardrobe management is here! Actually, it’s at the Xmas Expo for a limited price. LIV Glam’s Freda Collection involves the use of one hud. Click the picture of the item you want and bam, it appears in your inventory.

Freda Collection HUD

This means you can delete the item to keep your inventory under control and click it again if you want to wear it again. What’s more, each piece goes with each other so you have a multitude of outfits to chose from. That’s 18 pieces to mix and match!

LIV Glam Freda Collection at Xmas Expo

The Freda Collection Hud will be at the LIV Glam main store after the Expo for 899L, but you’ll find it at the Xmas Expo for a sale price of 599L.


LIV Glam Freda Collection Hud at the Xmas Expo

Shoes: Stella Envy Boots and Kira Pumps at LIV Glam 

Hair: Wasabi Pills Valerie at Collabor88

Skins: Glam Affair (at Collabor88) and League

Pose: Ladies Daydream at Label Motion

Casually Chic

live in jeans! If you love a good pair of jeans make sure to go to LIV Glam for this Secret Wednesday Sale. The complete ensemble includes mesh jeans, mesh jacket, and traditional bodice as part of the deal. Just a clean shot to show all of the textures!

LIV Glam Secret Wed Dec 19 Monique Azul

If you’re anything like me, you check out your rear view when trying on a pair of jeans. Aren’t the pockets super cute?

LIV Glam Secret Wed Dec 19 Monique Azul 2

Here’s a lift to LIV Glam!

Featuring: Outfit: [LIV-Glam]*WINTER-2012*-Monique for Secret Wednesday!

Hair: Wasabi Pills Valerie2 Mesh Hair – Wild honey
Earrings: Dark Mouse Steeplechase Pearl in gold
Ring: Chop Zuey Death in Mantua Ring
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
Pose 1: Diesel works Destiny 3
Pose 2: dfo! [fern] don’t worry, fern. i’ll be back

Take a Trip

Find this über cool mesh dress as part of LIV Glam’s 55L Thursday Deals. The Voyage Couture Dress is bold and a total statement piece. Love it.

LIV Glam Voyage

Outfit: LIV-Glam *WINTER-2012*- Voyage Couture Dress
Tights: Izzie’s tangerine
Earrings: PurpleMoon Bubble Orange
Hair: booN OBL161 chocolate
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Liaison – Raven
Nails: N-core Manicure
Pose: Idea Motus – BRENDA

Wednesday may be gone, but it’s not forgotten

Plenty of good deals going on at LIV Glam this weekend. The new release Mischka outfit was actually part of this past Wednesday’s Secret Sale, but you can still pick it up for the killer price of 49L.


When it comes to mesh, at least I’ve found, it’s all about the textures, and Samantha Jones always delivers one of a kind textures for her mesh creations. Samantha has actually been nominated for 2012 Avi Choice Awards for her gorgeous mesh items. You can vote for her here! Exercise your right to vote 😉 Happy Shopping!

Outfit: LIV-Glam *WINTER-2012* MISCHKA
Shoes: LIV-Glam Fall 2012-[Stella]-Eclipse Patachwork
Bag: LIV-Glam Fall 2012-[Stella]-Glitter Leave Clutch-{Mesh}R Hand
Necklace: (luc) Sirena, Long Necklace Gold by Lucas Lameth
Makeup: LAQ ~ Saga Lips 05
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
Hair: LeLutka-KEELEY hair – Praline
Pose: No wow Elysian field -no wow- [elysian fields] spring and shady groves

Let them eat cake

Tis the season for boots! I’m seriously a summer girl, but I do love the trends the cooler seasons bring. LIV Glam’s Stella Envy Boots remind me of comfy socks that add height, but they’re actually boots that are versatile and super cute. The two-tone colors are possible with the color change hud. The shin is a lighter shade and the texture is beautifully shaded, so it’s like cozy slouchy socks worn with pumps. In other words, it’s like having your cake and eating it too 😉

Yeah…that’s where my title comes from, and Marie Antoinette supposedly said that, but I am a fan of comfy and glam all at once. I’m also wearing one of LIV Glam’s newer releases. The Alice dress comes in different shades and varies in patterns. Can you imagine a title that read off with her head! Yikes. Both Alice and Stella Envy boots are mesh, so try out a demo here.

Happy weekend!

Dress: LIV-Glam Fall 2012- Alice- Silk and Lace Detail Dress Rouge
Shoes: LIV-Glam Winter 2012-[Stella]-Envy Boots (New!)
Stockings: mon tissu Favorite Wool Tights in Black
Lashes: Al Vulo! Mesh
Jewelry: FINESMITH magnolia collection
Nails: N-core Manicure
Hair: AD .b thyme in nutmeg
Pose Prop: Di’s Opera Fauna Seat  (former Limited Bazaar item)

Love Layers

This time of year, the weather is so fickle in my part of the world. It’s hot one moment and chilly the next. Often dressing in layers is a way to combat indecisive weather. LIV Glam’s Metradamo is a chic design that keeps dressing in layers in mind. It comes with a sheer top and crop jacket ( I added the bow tie from another LIV Glam ensemble), and mesh balloon shorts.

Love the gorgeous hues. The shorts are a nice change from skirts too. In addition, it’s part of this Secret Wednesday Sale, so it’s only 49L! Here’s a lift to LIV Glam so you can partake in this week’s sale.


LIV-Glam Fall 2012-Metradamo Oufit with LIV-Glam Gaga Outfit Necktie
Shoes: even.flow Clover Boots Black and Steel @ Acid Lily(69L)
Accessories: Dark Mouse Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Earrings and Necklace in Silver
Hair: Alpha Dog Mint in Oatmeal
Nails: NCore Manicure

Taking Care of Business

I felt all about business today! Actually someone remarked I looked l professional while wearing LIV Glam’s Fall 2012 Siviglia Outfit, and I have to agree! It’s going to be part of this Wednesday’s Secret Sale too. Love a good sale!

It’s a combination of mesh and traditional sl clothes. I love that designers use both elements because each have their positives. Underneath the mesh sweater is a beautifully textured bodice.

The high-waisted pants are mesh as well, so you need to have a viewer that allows you to add rather than wear 😉 Check out the Siviglia outfit at Wednesday’s Secret Wednesday Sale!

Featuring: [LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-Siviglia-Outfit Shirt
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Gold
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic Nails
Hair: .b schnapp nutmeg
NYU – Neutral Leather Briefcase, Brown (Pose, RHand)

Coffee Mug {what next}
Phone: Glitterati Profile Photo Phone

LIV Glam in a Limited Edition

I still love polka dots. While some may consider them girlish, I think they mean quirky and fun. 😉 LIV-Glam has a limited edition texture selection, via a color change hud, available for the Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic over at Fashion Limited.

You know the drill at Fashion Limited. Only 50 copies are available and that number drops as the day wears on! Click here for ride.

Featured Outfit: LIV-Glam Everyday Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic Polka Dot Print for Fashion Limited

Shoes: PurpleMoon Mara Choco
Hair: AD Ladonna
Rings: Brown/Sepia [MANDALA] Anuttra Ring
Necklace: JCNY – Chelsea Market Vintage
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
Pose: Wetcat TTB 15

LIV it up this Wednesday

Hey shopping fanatics! It’s time for all the Secret Wednesday sales. LIV-Glam’s  Everyday Eloise Vintage Jacket is part of this Secret Sale and a brand new release.Featuring many shades via a color change hud, this jacket is perfect for the chilly weather and you can easily layer it with your favorite items. I paired it with a mesh long shirt and traditional white top, so while it’s up to you how you layer it…it’s nice to know you can layer it.

The invisible alpha on the dress cut out my leg in one shot, so I did use a little PS on the skirt, but the jacket is left untouched so you can see that it is possible and fun to layer your traditional SL wear and mesh. Ok…I’m sure there are more ways to have actual fun, but I love to mix and match and it really is fun for me to see how many ways something can be worn. Check it out at LIV Glam!

Featuring: LIV-Glam Everyday: Eloise Vintage Jacket
Shirt: COCO SleevelessBlouse(White)
Dress: Marley- Long Shirt (Mesh)
Hair: TRUTH Juliette 2
Izzie’s – Classic Nails
JCNY – 5th Ave East Medium Diamond Hoops
Poses: dfo!

Perfect Pitch

Part of LIV Glam’s appeal is the ability to create many outfits out of one via a color change hud. The new Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic is a perfect example of that. The solid color in the middle uses LIV Glam’s 24 Pantone Hud which translates to gorgeous colors for the fall weather. The careful shading on Hannah will make this one of your favorite go to outfits. The trumpet sleeves are impeccable! You’ll find the middle version at the main store. Click here for the new store location.

Find the version on the right at the Designer Showcase on sale for 89L. Aren’t the color selections awesome? I love the variety of prints.

Wednesday will be here before you know it and here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get for this week’s Secret Wednesday Sale. I totally gave away the secret! Shhhh….but now you know the first place to hit come Wednesday!

Regardless, it’s no secret that women are complex creatures and we have the right to change our minds as fast as our clothes. LIV Glam makes it easy to stay in style while exercising that right 😉

Happy shopping!

Featuring LIV Glam Fall 2012 Hannah Trumpet Sleeve Tunic

Look on left:
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @ LIV Glam (sneak preview colors for this coming Secret Wednesday Sale)
Hair: Lelutka Wilde
Accessories: PurpleMoon Idril Necklace, Earrings, and Ring with Malachites
Shoes: Kungler Ankle Boots Snake-Grape
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: no-wow
Look in Middle
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @ LIV Glam
Hair: Wasabi Alice
Necklace and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Shoes: LIV Glam Nayomi Autumn Ankle Boots
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: Glitterati
Look on Right
Hannah Trumpet Sleeve @  Designer Showcase
Hair: Wasabi Monique
Accessories: JCNY Soho Set
Shoes: G Field Long Cuff Boots Will
Tights: Paper Couture Fall 2012 Gift
Pose: Glitterati