I <3 Nerds

Recently, Kim Lysette, of LIV Glam, launched her K-Collection. All her items have a distinctive style mixed with wearability and edge. For example, her dress the Nerd Portrait is super fun and fashionable all at the same time.

KGlam nerdIt’s also part of Fi*Fridays Sales! Lots of other LIV Glam goodies available too. Click here for a lift to hit the Fi*Friday Sales.

  • [Liv-Glam] K collection dress Nerd portrait S 1 (for Fi*Fridays)
  • *COCO*_Stretch Leather Boots(Black)
  • Izzie’s – Tights chess
  • Miamai_XGen Lashes Makeup-No Hair and NoAlpha Lashes_N08
  • Izzie’s Eyeliner – Goth
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0 with Lipgloss
  • Emery – Square Bangles Multiple Gray
  • N-core Manicure
  • [LeLutka]-KEELEY hair – Praline
  • Glitterati Pose Prop Curtains (new!)

Playing Dress Up

When I was a child, my Barbie dolls were my constant companions. LIV Glam’s Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress pays homage to that iconic toy! It’s on sale for this week’s Secret Wednesday!

I'm a Barbie Girl2Lots of hunts going around too, so if you’re looking for a sunkissed skin, make sure to hit the AMQS hunt for this sexy skin by Ego. The One Year of Love Mini Hunt ends on February 15, so still plenty of time.According to a nc, the group AMQS or  “Rather be Dead than Plain” organized the event in honor of its first anniversary. You’ll be looking for the AMQS Group Logo.



LIV-Glam WINTER-2012- Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress for Secret Wednesday
EGO  –  AMQS Skin  : Sunkiss for AMQS Hunt
Exile Hair In The Meantime:Drift
MG – Earrings – Juicy Love Lips
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Vanity
N-core Manicure
Pose: Morgane’s shoot – headshots pose 7

New LIV Glam Release for Secret Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! Sales! LIV Glam has two new releases and both are on sale for Secret Wednesday. I’m wearing one of the two and it’s called the Craven Dress. It’s a mix and match of patterns and colors that all tie into a beautiful shape and textures.

LIV Glam Secret Wednesday Jan 30

You have the option of wearing the pancho like jacket as above or with only the bodice as below.

LIV Glam Secret Wednesday and Phoebe Ring Jan 30

I’m also wearing Phoebe’s Flower Rings. Six rings come in the pack in various sizes and styles. You can find them at Acid Lily for 55L.  Happy shopping!

  • [LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- CARVEN Skirt, Jacket, Bodice (Secret Wed Special!)
  • [LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Antigona Shopper Tote (new!)
  • Phoebie’s Piercing and More Flower Ring ~Red~ Big (r) and Flower Ring ~Black-Red~ Small (l) at Acid Lily
  • Izzie’s – Classic Nails
  • LaGyo Lost crystal earrings (former TDRF item)
  • lassitude & ennui Phoebe lace-up boots  black w/dark wood (former L’accessories item)
  • b. hair mint nutella
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0 w/ LAQ ~ Saga Lips 02
  • LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 01
  • Pose 1: Manifeste – Editorial_30
  • Pose 2: [LAP] – RCD-Regal Clutch PR4

Dazzle Me

Who doesn’t like to sparkle once in a while? LIV Glam’s Nickle Sequined Silk Dress is available at Steals and Deals for the sale price of 199L. It comes with a color change hud, so you have other color options. The sale ends at SL midnight, so after Monday, it goes back to its regular price of 275L.
LIV Glam Nickle

  • [LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- Nickle Sequined Silk Dress I
  • at Steals and Deals (until Monday 21 for 199L)
  • [LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-[Stella]-Glitter Leave Clutch-{Mesh}R Hand
  • LIV-Glam Fall 2012-[Stella]-Eclipse Open-Toe Pump
  • LAQ ~ Saga Lips 09
  • MANDALA Anuttra Ring Red/Purple
  • ::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland:Moreno
  • Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
  • N-core Manicure
  • Chop Zuey Pretty Kitty Choker Necklace
  • Pose: dfo! Brave war was easier than daughters

LIV(ing) it up on 55 Linden Friday!

Love sales! Don’t you? LIV Glam has lots of goods for sale for Fi*Friday  including the gorgeous Ann Turtleneck mesh dress. The hem hits at mid thigh so plenty of leg is on display. The textures are breathtaking. It’s also color changeable.
LIV Glam Ann

First, you wear the hud and click the size you want. Poof it appears! Now you select the color you want via the hud. Such beautiful colors to choose from.

liv amy hud_001

Here’s a lift to Fi*Friday. Loads of LIV Glam items for your shopping pleasures!

  • [LIV-Glam]WINTER-Ann Turtleneck Dress at Fi*Friday
  • Flirt – Fuck Me Red – Lip Stix & Liner at Acid Lily
  • *NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes- fixed
  • booN ARK554 hair brown
  • EarthStones Phoenix Rising Earrings
  • N-core Manicure
  • [MANDALA] Lotus Chain Bracelte and Hand ring /Black L
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
  • Animation: posa154mesh by PosTyle

The Cat’s Meow!

Who doesn’t love to hit the sales? LIV Glam’s Paris One is on sale at Fi*Friday. Paris One comes with skinny mesh jeans and a ultra cute top. If you’re a cat lover, you’ll want this item for sure. There’s  also another incentive.

LIV Glam Paris I

Most shopaholics have trouble keeping their inventories down to a respectable size. It’s been said that larger inventories contribute to lag. That could be totally true. Although it would probably have to do with one’s internet connection and computer. However my inventory has grown totally out of control and I feel laggier than ever. Coincidence or not? Don’t know, but it is nice to keep inventories under control. Now the reason behind my spiel. For some of her ensembles, such as the Paris One, LIV Glam designer allows you to get the items via a hud.

LIV Glam Paris I Hud

Pretty cool huh? As you can see, from the shot of the hud above, you can chose your size and it automatically arrives. This means you can delete items to make more room in your inventory, but you always have the choice of getting the items again. All you do it wear the hud and click! Want to try it for yourself? Check out Paris One and Paris Two, a different style top and color, over at Fi*Friday. Click here for lift!

New LIV Glam at Zenshi Shopping District

LIV Glam continues to grow as it sets up shop in Avenue’s exclusive Zenshi Shopping Sim. Click here for more information about Zenshi. Samantha Jones of LIV Glam has created some exclusive items for the new location. If you’re looking for chic winter wear, the new Je t’aime ensembles are just that. Both outfits are complete and include the shoes!   

LIV Glam Avenue Silver

The textures are lush and the mesh pants give you gorgeous womanly curves. I love the fur hood and cuffs.

LIV Glam Avenue Black

Panchos are a clever way to keep warm when you don’t feel like wearing a jacket. There are seven other exclusive LIV Glam creations located at the Zenshi Shopping District. Click here for lift!

Featuring LIV Glam’s Je t’aime

Picture 1:

  • LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-JE T AIME 1at Zenshi! (New!)
  • Indyra Originals-Nikka-Oyster Gloves
  • [LeLutka]-NOOK hair – Praline
  • JCNY – ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earrings
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga Skin – Tone 1.5 with Saga Lips 01

Picture 2:

  • LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012-JE T AIME 2 at Zenshi (New!)
  • Mandala Black/Silver Anuttra Ring
  • Mandala Omochi Bracelet /Arasiyama Black
  • Mandala Senjyu Earrings Black Hole
  • LaViere Hair- Ambush/FadedOmbre
  • League Isla Pale Lavender Blonde


I love to layer clothes. Perhaps it’s my Southwest upbringing. The weather changes fast! Cardigans are one of my staples in real life and in Second Life. LIV Glam’s Delphine Cardigan offers woolly warmth and color variation, thanks to its color hud.

Liv Glam Delphine cardigan

The cardigan also has a cute bow on the back that changes color via hud. Check out the Delphine Cardigan at LIV Glam.


  • [LIV-Glam]*WINTER-2012*-Monique Jeans  S
  • [LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-Delphine Cardigan M
  • [LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-[Stella]-Snake Effect Tote-{Mesh}-R Arm
  • AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit_Nude
  • Clover Boots Camel (S/M) L – even.flow
  • Izzie’s – Toeless Socks brown
  • D!va Hair Daria (Type B)(Citrine)
  • Dark Mouse Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Earrings and Necklace – Gold
  • Izzie’s – Classic Nails
  • LAQ ~ Saga Lips 09
  • ROZENA ~ editor’s shadow – warm brown
  • League Skin Isla Medium
  • Pose: Manifeste editorial 21

LIV Glam Christmas Sale!

There’s a huge Christmas sale going on at LIV Glam. It’s a 30% discount on all store items! This sale includes recent and new releases. Speaking of new, I’m wearing the seriously cute Liska bodysuit.

LIV Glam LiskeThe mesh bodysuit comes with a color hud filled with 24 pantone colors so you are able to change the bow’s color. Also, LIV Glam’s Macy Stiletto Ankle boots will add the finishing touch to your ensemble. The sale is on until December 27. Happy shopping and here’s your limo!

  • LIV-Glam WINTER-2012 – Macy stiletto Ankle Boots (30% off store wide sale!)
  • LIV-Glam WINTER-2012-Liska Winter Bow Bodysuit (30% off store wide sale!)
  • Miamai Lola Hairbase and Lola RedBow Hair Brown (a former Arcade item)
  • Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
  • Necklace: Zibska Ouida Collar (Peace on Earth Hunt item)
  • Earrings: LaGyo Lost Crystal (TDR Fusion)
  • Skin: League
  • Pose: Glitterati Footwear-6
  • Prop: la petite morte. shadow box film noir (modified)

Waiting for Prince Charming

I’m hoping to catch the eye of my Prince!  LIV Glam’s Xavierre Gold Mesh dress, part of  Fi*Friday’s sales list, is all about glitter and animal prints, so definitely an eye catching piece. The slim pencil skirt gives you sensational curves! I’m leaning against Co*Motion’s pose prop Once Upon A Time, Waiting for Prince Charming. It’s available for a killer price at Acid Lily. It holds 5 poses and is a steal at 69L.

LIV Glam Xavierre Gold and CoMotion

It’ll only be available for one more day at this price. Acid Lily starts to change the collection on Sundays. Happy Shopping!

Styling Credits:

  • Outfit: LIV Glam’s Xavierre Gold Mesh dress at Fi*Friday’s
  • Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Gold”
  • Earrings: FuLo for Liv Glam – Fringed Stud Earrings – Gold by Dita Tran
  • Hair: Truth Sassy 2
  • Skin: League Isla
  • Pose Prop: Co*Motion’s pose prop Once Upon A Time, Waiting for Prince Charming at Acid Lily