Playing Dress Up

When I was a child, my Barbie dolls were my constant companions. LIV Glam’s Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress pays homage to that iconic toy! It’s on sale for this week’s Secret Wednesday!

I'm a Barbie Girl2Lots of hunts going around too, so if you’re looking for a sunkissed skin, make sure to hit the AMQS hunt for this sexy skin by Ego. The One Year of Love Mini Hunt ends on February 15, so still plenty of time.According to a nc, the group AMQS or  “Rather be Dead than Plain” organized the event in honor of its first anniversary. You’ll be looking for the AMQS Group Logo.



LIV-Glam WINTER-2012- Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress for Secret Wednesday
EGO  –  AMQS Skin  : Sunkiss for AMQS Hunt
Exile Hair In The Meantime:Drift
MG – Earrings – Juicy Love Lips
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Vanity
N-core Manicure
Pose: Morgane’s shoot – headshots pose 7