The Cat’s Meow!

Who doesn’t love to hit the sales? LIV Glam’s Paris One is on sale at Fi*Friday. Paris One comes with skinny mesh jeans and a ultra cute top. If you’re a cat lover, you’ll want this item for sure. There’s  also another incentive.

LIV Glam Paris I

Most shopaholics have trouble keeping their inventories down to a respectable size. It’s been said that larger inventories contribute to lag. That could be totally true. Although it would probably have to do with one’s internet connection and computer. However my inventory has grown totally out of control and I feel laggier than ever. Coincidence or not? Don’t know, but it is nice to keep inventories under control. Now the reason behind my spiel. For some of her ensembles, such as the Paris One, LIV Glam designer allows you to get the items via a hud.

LIV Glam Paris I Hud

Pretty cool huh? As you can see, from the shot of the hud above, you can chose your size and it automatically arrives. This means you can delete items to make more room in your inventory, but you always have the choice of getting the items again. All you do it wear the hud and click! Want to try it for yourself? Check out Paris One and Paris Two, a different style top and color, over at Fi*Friday. Click here for lift!

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