Love Layers

This time of year, the weather is so fickle in my part of the world. It’s hot one moment and chilly the next. Often dressing in layers is a way to combat indecisive weather. LIV Glam’s Metradamo is a chic design that keeps dressing in layers in mind. It comes with a sheer top and crop jacket ( I added the bow tie from another LIV Glam ensemble), and mesh balloon shorts.

Love the gorgeous hues. The shorts are a nice change from skirts too. In addition, it’s part of this Secret Wednesday Sale, so it’s only 49L! Here’s a lift to LIV Glam so you can partake in this week’s sale.


LIV-Glam Fall 2012-Metradamo Oufit with LIV-Glam Gaga Outfit Necktie
Shoes: even.flow Clover Boots Black and Steel @ Acid Lily(69L)
Accessories: Dark Mouse Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Earrings and Necklace in Silver
Hair: Alpha Dog Mint in Oatmeal
Nails: NCore Manicure