Well, fancy that…it’s a Pose Fair 2013 sneak peek!

Ok…I couldn’t resist, so I had to give a sneak preview! I was so happy when the Hottie Cooterati Experience accepted my application to be a blogger for Pose Fair 2013 because I really love Second Life animations. Grafica’s¬†Marionetta Poses are especially fitting for my first Pose Fair contribution since we are master manipulators…of our avis at least. ūüėČDoll Whether we are full bodied avatars or a doll like shell, poses make us come alive because¬†they have¬†the ability to capture our movement and tell a story.¬†

Marionetta Gorgeous clothes, hair, skin, and accessories give our avatars beauty, but poses give our three dimensional dolls life and allow us to portray our second lives or what only exists in our dreams.

Sneak Preview Pose Fair 2013 If you have your own dream, fantasy, or story to tell, and you love poses as much as I do, it’s almost time for Pose Fair 2013. The clock is ticking. I’ll be blogging a lot¬†about Pose Fair until the end. Join me in a celebration of pose artists and creators on March 29th at 12pm/slt. Click¬†here¬†for a list of pose makers participating in Pose Fair 2013!

Featuring Grafica Poses Marionetta Series by Alyx Aerallo (link coming soon!)

Picture One:

  • *COCO* Doll Body with Bandages
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • Marionette Doll Puppet String by Anara Aeon
  • Marionetta 010 Mirror

Picture Two:

  • *COCO* Doll Body
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • *COCO*_Doll_SlipDress_White
  • Curio¬†Bow – White Blonde
  • Marionette Doll Puppet String by Anara Aeon
  • Marionetta-007 mirror

Picture Three (a compilation of goods from my inventory):

  • GizzA – TUTU [Rockin’ Diva]¬†
  • [FIEND] Punkass – Legwarmers/pumps (at Acid Lily)
  • Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Black (at ¬†the Arcade)
  • !VA! Flavour Excess::soil
  • Gems & Kisses – Luxury Chains – Black A – Choker
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman¬†
  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Sophia Shape and Sophia Skin Blush Lip 1 (at Acid Lily)
  • *COCO* Doll Body¬†
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • Modes de Moulin¬†Black Diamond Top Hat¬†¬†by Page Creations
  • Magika Hair Plenty
  • *COCO*_BowShirt White)_Jacket
  • ::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland:Moreno
  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Lee Shape and Lee Skin gift LB (at Acid Lily)
  • Marionetta-001
  • Marionetta-004
  • Marionetta-009 mirror

Bosom Buddies and a Spring Fling

Don’t judge me! I’m still a bit shy, but yes I jumped on the Lolas Bandwagon. In my defense, so many designers are incorporating the appliers in their clothes, so I had to see for myself. However, I did make a costly mistake. If you’re considering getting a pair, make sure they are mesh. I didn’t read the sign properly, I’m a horrible skim reader, so I bought the non-mesh.

BT and glitterati

After my purchase, I was convinced my boobs were broken because none of the appliers worked. Finally, the light bulb went off. My boobs weren’t mesh, so I had to invest in a mesh pair. Don’t make my mistake. I actually prefer the standard avatar breasts, but I’ll play with the mesh breasts (no…not that way) for photos.

BT and glitterati 1

The whole point of my rambling was to reveal this week‚Äôs Bitch Tails outfit over at Acid Lily. BT Spring Fling¬†is a complete outfit, so that means it comes with ultra-low rise jeans, bow tie flats, and a lacy cropped top, with‚ÄĒyou guessed it‚ÄĒLola appliers. Complete outfits are always nice because they are convenient or we can mix and match to our hearts‚Äô content.

BT and glitterati 2

By the way, my Glitterati pose prop “Shuttered” was on sale for fifty linden Friday, but ¬†Ms.¬†Katey¬†Coppola is keeping it out for one more day. It has 5 built in poses and fresh pastel colors for spring.

Don’t forget to celebrate the beginning of the week at Acid Lily. As every Monday, there are new designer collections, for 70L and under, out in the showcase for your shopping pleasure.

Click here for your lift to Acid Lily!

Styling Credits:

  • ¬†::BT::. Spring Fling at Acid Lily¬†(70L)
  • “”D!va”” Hair “Flora” (Type B)(Citrine) at Collabor88
  • Eolande’s Glamour Pearl Earrings by¬†Eolande Elvehjem
  • JCNY – ‘Simple Love, Hyper-Gems Diamond Bracelet,¬†¬†Belly Ring (Pink), and¬†¬†Key to My Heart, Diamond Charm Bracelet and Necklace
  • Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman¬†
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0¬†LAQ ¬†with Saga Lips 01 and¬†Makeup – Smokey eye
  • GLITTERATI – Shuttered (5 poses)

How to be a Girly-Girl

Acid Lily has a hunt AND awesome deals for you this week. The Spring is Near Hunt is still in full swing, but you only have a couple more days to take a look at this week’s designer collection. I must confess. I don’t normally wear jackets, but the Spearsong Smokers Jacket is seriously girly.

SS Floral Smokers Jacket

I’m wearing the Floral version, but there are other prints at Acid Lily. It’s not just the floral print that makes this jacket so feminine. It’s ¬†the cut. It’s a slim cut and hugs the body, so it accentuates a woman’s delicate curves. I¬†love¬†it!

Click here for a lift to Acid Lily. Happy shopping!

Styling Credits:

  • .:SS:. Floral Womens Smokers Mesh Jacket ¬†at Acid Lily
  • even.flow Dressy Shorts gray
  • AOHARU_StripeBowtieBlouse in White
  • [monso] My Fabric Oxford
  • AD Hair¬†apple moustache nutmeg
  • Donna Flora Lugia necklace and ring¬†
  • LaGyo_Mother’s pearl earrings
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
  • Izzie’s – Smokey Eyeshadow
  • LAQ ~ Saga Lips 07 and¬†LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
  • Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes (part of former TDR item)
  • Pose: Label Motion Carrie 3


The weather is getting nice, at least in my part of the world, but it’s always warm and sunny in SL, so get some warm weather goodies during Acid Lily’s Spring is Near hunt. The hunt kicked off today, and all the items have to do with springtime. LavandaChic offers the cutest little dress ever.

By the way, do you like my Secret Garden?

Spring is Near Hunt

I wish it had a nice fishing spot. Hint alert! If you want to add LavandaChic’s dress to your wardrobe, here is your hint: “This looks like a nice fishing spot.”

If you like my little MishMish Shrubbles, you can get your hands on one of your own. It squeaks! Spring is Near Hunt 1It also comes with this holding animation. Shrubbles love to eat oranges. I’m so obvious with hints! I need to work on that, but if you want your own Shrubbles, MishMish ¬†asks:¬†“Is that an orange tree?”

Click the hunt sign below for the starting location at even.flow.

SIN Hunt Sign large

For more hints and previews, check out Acid Lily’s blog. All items are only 5L and will kick start your spring. Happy hunting!


LavandaChic Adorable Owl Dress for Spring is Near Hunt
MishMish Shrubbles for Spring is Near Hunt 
W & Y Hair
Maitreya Moxie Brown Wedges
Chop Zuey Baudelaire Rings Set (R)
LaGyo Cube Ring(L)
JCNY Lotus Ring (L)
Jamman Nails (Mesh)
Chelle Bohemian Beauty Eyeshadow
LAQ Saga 1.5 and eyeshadow
Pose 1: *GA* Lovely Girl AO
Pose 2: MishMish (comes with Hunt item)

A Time to Dance

it’s the beginning of a new week, thus, Acid Lily has a¬†brand new¬†collection out! I love Beyond the Star’s casual outfit Just Another Day. It’s a partial mesh outfit, and the layered top comes in a variety of colors, and all colors are included!

Acid Lily Mon March 11The mesh hoodie has a subtle pattern and the mesh capris are comfortable enough to dance in.  I like to keep it casual in both my lives. If you do too, pick up Just Another Day for yourselves.

Acid Lily MarchClick here for your ride to Acid Lily!


  • BTS Just Another Day with Tank-Watermelon at Acid Lily
  • Olive the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – L at the Arcade
  • TRUTH Hair Zuzka – caramel
  • Chop Zuey Ma Songe Belly Ring
  • Slink Margot Ballet Slippers Std Black with Slink Mesh Feet
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
  • Glam Affair – Cassiopea Cosmetics – LipGloss 03 and Freckles A
  • Pose One *GA* Female Poses Ballet Edition V5
  • Pose Two POSIES Curves03
  • Location: The Rose Theater

You Only Live Once

I’ve been a little preoccupied this week. The last Arcade event demonstrated that I have no self-control! I thought I fixed that bad habit, and maybe I did? No…I really didn’t. The Arcade is addictive fun and hey! Like my Spearsong T-shirt reads, you only live once!

Acid Lily at the Arcade

The SS¬†mesh shirt and vest¬†are available at Acid Lily until Sunday. There are loads of others to choose from, but this one was most appropriate for my situation. Oh and a word of advice if you decide to try your luck at the arcade…tell yourself you only are allowed to click once more on each Gacha. I kept telling myself that…but I said once many times. Ok, that’s bad advice, but I have no discipline. For a sure deal, head on down to Acid Lily before this week’s collection is gone.

Here’s a lift to Acid Lily! Click here.

  • .:SS:. WOMENS VEST & BELLY TEE at Acid Lily
  • *COCO*_DenimShorts_Black
  • LAQ ~ Saga Lips 07
  • Phoebe Piercing and More Bar Codes Necklace (Girl)
  • Phoebe Piercing and More Facial Piercing R1 ~Silver at Acid Lily
  • +ILO+ CNC Glasses – silver at the Arcade
  • Clawtooth: Surfer Rosa – Girl Next Door Dip at the Arcade
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3¬†by Jamman
  • [theSkinnery]Kate-Toasted(champagne) BB CL1 at the Arcade
  • Pose: Adorkable Shopping Spree 3 at the Arcade

Peacock Pride

Acid Lily’s new showcase is out! While pink is my signature color (ok, that sounded like Julia Roberts for some reason hmmm), I do love all shades of blue too, and MoYaz’s Happy Peacock incorporates a stunning shade of blue. Happy Peacock feels like a casual bohemian chic style to me and just the kind of dress I like to wear while strolling on the beach.

MoYaz Peacock

Check out MoYaz’s Happy Peacock at Acid Lily. Click here for your lift. Happy shopping!


  • MoYaz Beau Mesh dress Happy Peacock at Acid Lily¬†
  • [Gos] Mesh Feet – Flat Foot
  • *elymode* makeup – Gluttony shadows – cream (full)
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • Mirai Style.+*Paio*+.Lightbrown
  • Maitreya Dragonfly Anklet and¬†Strings & Beads Anklet (from Flip Flops)
  • MG – Esra’s Giant Teardrop Earrings and Necklaces ‚Äď GOLD
  • [AddiCt]Treasured Peacock Necklace¬†
  • Jamman Ultra Mesh Fingernails rigged V3
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.5
  • Pose: Glitterati Long hair 3¬†

Lazy Day

I’ve got two Spring breaks! One for my own school and one for my work. That’s one of the perks of working at a college and going to another one ūüėČ Thus, I feel like lazing¬†around. The sun is warm on my legs, but it’s still slightly chilly outside so I threw on a cropped sweater.

LMD and Cake for Acid Lily

Find the denim shorts by Cake at Acid Lily until early Sunday. The tank top and sweater by LMD are also available at Acid Lily. Each are at a promo price of 70L and come in other colors. Click here for lift to Acid Lily!

CaKe! Denim Shorts Floral Clear at Acid Lily
LMD Denise Cropped Sweater M Peachy B at Acid Lily
LMD Denise Tank S Cotton at Acid Lily
Cute Bytes Summer Glasses
TRUTH Hair Savina (Mesh) – chestnut
M-Arc Mirror Real Hands
R Creation Viola white heart purple Flower
Gos Barefoot – Flat – S
LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.5
Pose Prop: flowey. self picnic table

The Butterfly Effect

Real life butterflies scare me! However, in Second Life, I don’t mind them at all. Especially when they are incorporated in an outfit. Even.flow’s Butterfly is a partial mesh outfit. The mesh skirt rests slightly above the hips and when worn with the cropped Cami, it really highlights a slim waist.

Even Flow butterfly

I wore it as is, but you can always switch up the top and give it a whole new vibe. Find even.flow’s Butterfly outfit at Acid Lily this week. By the way, even.flow is one of the sponsors for the up and coming Spring is Near Hunt. Find more details about the hunt on the Acid Lily blog. Feel like shopping? Click¬†here¬†for teleport to Acid Lily.

  • even.flow Butterfly Cami and Skirt at Acid Lily
  • LeLutka-Mischa Dirt Wedges
  • elymode makeup – Gluttony shadows – cream (upper)
  • PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition – Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair
  • PurpleMoon Noble Bracelets in Cedar¬†gold
  • MG – Necklace – Alchemy Charm Coins – Gold1, Gold2, and Gold4
  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
  • AD b. wound up – nutmeg
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.5
  • Pose: posa167mesh¬†by PosTyle

*Butterflies are a PS creation*

Was it Good for You?

I was¬†really¬†trying to finish this post up before my midnight…ah well! Anyway, It’s a new week at Acid Lily! Every Monday they change their collection, and I thought I would give winter styling one last go by wearing Pure Poison’s Winter Cuteness. It’s a partial mesh outfit and comes with the adorable shoes. You can find this outfit at Acid Lily for 70L. It also comes in blue and creamy white.

It was nice as it lasted

Actually, I love it when the season changes because you can often get killer deals on your staple pieces. I’m thinking this Winter Cuteness outfit will be a keeper. Here’s your lift to Acid Lily. All you have to do is click¬†here¬†for your limo.

Before I forget, Acid Lily will be sponsoring a hunt soon, so if any bloggers or designers would like to participate, you can find out how here. 


  • Pure Poison Winter Cuteness in Pink at Acid Lily¬†
  • LaViere Darya Hair with Beret
  • JCNY Haute Monde Stud Earrings
  • Meli Imako Full Perm Mesh Phone¬†
  • MG Love Teddy Bear (previous Arcade item)
  • LaGyo Cube Ring
  • Label Motion Julia 2 (former Limited Bazaar Item)