Was it Good for You?

I was really trying to finish this post up before my midnight…ah well! Anyway, It’s a new week at Acid Lily! Every Monday they change their collection, and I thought I would give winter styling one last go by wearing Pure Poison’s Winter Cuteness. It’s a partial mesh outfit and comes with the adorable shoes. You can find this outfit at Acid Lily for 70L. It also comes in blue and creamy white.

It was nice as it lasted

Actually, I love it when the season changes because you can often get killer deals on your staple pieces. I’m thinking this Winter Cuteness outfit will be a keeper. Here’s your lift to Acid Lily. All you have to do is click here for your limo.

Before I forget, Acid Lily will be sponsoring a hunt soon, so if any bloggers or designers would like to participate, you can find out how here


  • Pure Poison Winter Cuteness in Pink at Acid Lily 
  • LaViere Darya Hair with Beret
  • JCNY Haute Monde Stud Earrings
  • Meli Imako Full Perm Mesh Phone 
  • MG Love Teddy Bear (previous Arcade item)
  • LaGyo Cube Ring
  • Label Motion Julia 2 (former Limited Bazaar Item)

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