a foreign affair

Yesterday, I had quite the adventure in Milan.

Where is he?

Wearing Prism Babe by Journey – Daisy

The train rolled in, but he wasn’t on board.

Ooh, I wonder where she got her dress.

Wearing Egoisme – Sundress – Watercolors Multi, Evian Petra pale skin, and free Egoisme Smartphone gift

Maybe he missed it. I guess I’ll go shopping as I wait for the next train to roll in.

Milan sightseeing

Gorgeous new gowns…I want them all! Hmm…maybe it’s not wise to shop on an empty stomach.

Wearing Evian Aphrodite pale skin

I’ve been sitting here for hours and still no sign of him.

In the meantime…

Where is she?

Wearing !BeUp! Outfit #3 from SL Fashion Week and Evian Skin Eros

The handsome man wonders where is she? She said she would meet me right here. I suppose I’ll look around, but night is falling. Wait…

“Laylah? Is that you?”

Milan Happy Ending

Yes…a long super long post, but the moral of the story…find your boyfriend before you window shop. Ok, that’s not really a moral. I wanted to just show Egoisme’s gorgeous new mainstore 😀

According to their press release:

“The new Egoisme store is a new concept; not just a place where you can buy fashion and skins but a piece of RL art in SL.”

Egoisme 1

You can visit the place, learn about it and discover a new world. In Milan this Gallery is called also Milan’s drawing room, or “salotto di Milano” because it is elegant, you can shop and sit in the famous art nouveau style cafe.

Egoisme 2

“Art and fashion in the same place, which is an experience we made years ago and now we bring to next level, using the mesh technology, and new creations in theme. Egoisme will now launch many new pieces with some special offers to celebrate the new store.”

Egoisme 4

“Plus our goal is to produce an Art Expo and we will launch new projects and transform the Egoisme main store into a real place where customers are protagonists and where people can finally discover real life architecture and art in a virtual setting.”

It’s a beautiful place to take location shots! Take the teleport to Egoisme and see it for yourself.

Around the World with Glamour Style Fay

Glamour Style by Christy Hamer has a new release that screams vacation! Fay is a cool mesh dress and it also has a little suitcase! The suitcase has a built-in AO, so you are able to use it to walk and it also has a stand. I wanted to show the sexy side slits and the suitcase, so just to let you know, I’m not standing in the pose in the picture below. Each item is sold separately or you can purchase the complete outfit that comes with the mesh boots, hat, and suitcase for 630L. If you just love the dress, you can get that for 290L. That also comes with the suitcase as a gift.

I did some photo editing with the above picture, so I’m adding a couple of raw shots to show the outfit accurately. I love the open back!. I’m not normally a hat person, but this little cap is too adorable with the little ribbon on the brim.

The suitcase can be used for other outfits of course, especially if you are into roleplaying modern travelers (if there is such a roleplay lol).

The default stand is just a basic stand and you wear the suitcase on your hand. If you like to wear nails and other accessories, you can simply add the suitcase or accessories to have both on. I personally don’t have much use for a suitcase in SL, but I love this little dress. It also comes in a beautiful brown that is a perfect shade for fall. Here’s a ride to Glamour Style and you can check out both! Click HERE! 😀

Outfit: GS FAY in Black Fat Pack @ Glamour Style
Makeup: Glam Affair Leah Lipstick 09
Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Alice Mesh Hair – Pancake
Jewelry: PurpleMoon Idril Necklace and Ring with Malachites @ Gypset Market
Nails: N-core Manicure