In darkness, there is light

How do you picture the future of SL?  If you say sky high buildings and high heel wedges, we are on the same page!

In honor of SL11B, johannes1977 reveals the Tribute City-Black Eagle Rock Club always moves and never stops. While the events are done, all of the sims are open for your viewing pleasure, so check out what may be Second Life’s future.  At dusk, the tall, moving buildings have an ethereal glow.


In crisp daylight, the build offers a magnetic background for pictures. Really, it was almost mesmerizing to watch the buildings rotate.

Second Life 11 Birthday Celebration

If you need a little relaxation, I highly recommend you visit it. The sims close on July 5th, so you have plenty of time!

Now about my sky high wedges, if you are looking for a traditional pair, Styles by Danielle’s mesh Vista Wedges come in rigged and non-rigged versions. The HUD gives you 8 skin bases, with a color mixture, 3 platform textures, 15 nail textures, and the choice of gold or silver metal. You also have 11 colors to choose from. I am embracing the season before Labor Day and running around in the white version.

When shopping, make sure to wear your tag if you are a Danielle inworld group member because you’ll receive a 30% discount. Click Styles by Danielle for an in-world lift or if you feel like shopping out of world, click here for Styles by Danielle on MP.


  • Sascha’s Designs B&W No. 8 Mesh Dress
  • Styles by Danielle Vista White wedges (rigged)
  • MG Nova Dream Moon bracelets, ring, and earrings
  • Miamai_Roe Bun Brown
  • -Glam Affair – Candy – America – 01 C
  • Poses: Slouch PF 008 and  Slouch PF 004

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