“With the blink of an eye, [I] finally see the light…”

The scent of honeysuckles reminds me of home. If you didn’t know, honeysuckles grow as a vine. Or maybe a certain variety does? I don’t have a green thumb. :/ However, I recall them climbing my childhood home.  I’ll be back in Albuquerque in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been home since November 2013, and maybe that isn’t too long for some, but what can I say, I’m a hometown girl and away from my roots as I work in Sin City (aka Las Vegas). Prism Designs‘ Lua in Honeysuckle reminded me of home if only for the color’s name.

It's amazing when you finally see the light

Honestly, I’m flying back home because doctors believe my dad may have Parkinson’s Disease. I just realized this now, but Prism Designs actually has a limited edition dress and half of its proceeds will go towards research for Parkinson’s Disease.  Incidentally, it is not a limited edition version of what I am wearing in the picture. I just forget to copy my SLurls, so I hit up blogs to find them. Subsequently, I found out Prisms Designs supported the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

That’s just so cool. I had to mention.  I also saw the light. I don’t necessarily need a reason to go home. There is no shame in adults missing their moms and dads!


Prism Designs Lua Sun Day by Journey  in Honeysuckle
Hair: Exile::Quiet Afterthought
JCNY – Heart Song Swirl Necklace
Shoes: Essenz – Bali (Black) for high Slink feet @ L’accessoires June Cycle (ends on July 8)
Skin: Glam Affair Candy (a former Arcade item)
Pose: WetCat

Post title pinched from Aerosmith’s “Amazing

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