how to feel rich

Sascha Frangilli brings us a sensational gown called Damatjo. With that in mind, do you feel up to a little Sascha Designs’ trivia? There’s only one question: Who was crowned Ms. Sascha Top Model 2012? Ding, ding, ding if you guessed Damatjo Magic! Her namesake gown is partially mesh, so you have that smooth and realistic looking body and keep the movement of traditional flexis.

Sascha Dama

It’s quite the combination, and, like most of Sascha’s gowns, you have many colors to choose from and many ways to wear it. I felt mysterious today, so I coupled it with the sensational hat. I must admit that I felt rich while wearing Damatjo, so if you like to feel wealthy too, I encourage you to teleport to Sascha’s and get your favorite color. Click here for your limo.

Styling Credits:

  • Sascha’s Designs – Damatjo Red with Medium Bum Train, Red scuplted Rose bodice trim, and Hat
  • Miamai Hair_Dahlia Blonde and Sirk Updo Blonde
  • Chop Zuey Paparazzi III Set (Hollywood Swag Gift)
  • Slink  Mesh Feet with Vintage 2-Strap Pumps Black
  • *League* Isla Pale ChinaDoll Blonde
  • Flirt – Fuck Me Red – Lip Stix & Liner
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • Glitterati Formality 3 (Katey set out a gift in honor of her birthday…you should go check it out!)

meet me in the gazebo

It’s always fun to get all dressed up for absolutely no reason whatsoever right? In SL, we can run around in gowns all day if we like. Sascha’s Designs has tons of frilly and dainty gowns for those occasion, and Ms. Sascha Frangilli’s (aka The Queen of Farts) newest gown Acacia has what we all love about Sascha’s clothing…loads of skirt choices and colors.


Try on the skirts shown in the picture, or choose to wear the full gown or sexy side slit version. Want to see the many choices? Click here for your limo to Sascha’s Designs. Happy shopping!


  • SAS – Acacia Seafoam Grande Flexi Skirt, Sweeper Flexi Skirt and Ruffled Collar
  • ::Exile:: Part of Me:Chardonnay
  • Aly – Diamond Royalty Rose Earrings and Hope Rose Diamond Necklace
  • Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Fresh
  • JCNY – Sacred Hearts, Hyper-Gems Engagement Ring
  • N-core COQUETTE
  • Glam Affair – Luria skin – 04 (from the Arcade March)
  • Poses: Manifeste 599 and 581 at Pose Fair 2013
  • SAS – Acacia Apricot with Rococo Flexi Skirt and Shoulder Wrap
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0 and Saga Lips 01
  • LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 02
  • :: PM :: Venice Necklace and Earrings in Rose (former L’accessories)
  • Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
  • Boudoir Baroque hair brown
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
  • [Gos] Grace Sandal – Bronze – S

A Lotta Heart

We should celebrate our loved ones everyday, but it’s definitely a must on February 14! Sascha’s I Love You in Purple dress is pretty enough for that special day, or just a fun way to show the world that you have a lot of heart. It was part of the 60L weekend, but Sascha has graciously left them on sale for the week!

SAS Purple Hearts

Here’s your limo! Click here.

  • Sascha’s Designs – I Love You Purple with  Cocktail Flexi Skirt (60L)
  • LAQ Saga with Undershirt Cleavage Tone 1, Saga Lips 02, and Makeup – Smokey eye
  • TRUTH Hair Tenille – chestnut
  • JCNY – Key to My Heart, Diamond Charm Bracelet and Diamond Necklace
  • N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “White”
  • N-core Manicure
  • Pose Prop: Exposeur & The Loft – Room of Balloons (at Collabor88)

Embrace the New Year

Sascha’s Embrace is a perfect gown to ring in the new year. I love the Raspberry! All shades of pink are my favorite colors. I just can’t help it! I wanted to show the variety in skirts and colors. That’s what makes Sascha’s outfits so fun. You always have a choice in one package.

Sascha Embrace Pink

Sascha’s Embrace also comes in Old Gold and Silver. The Old Gold is totally lush.

Sascha Embrace Old Gold

The Ice Queen is icy and festive. Regardless of the color, you will be the belle of any new year’s ball.

Sascha Embrace Silver

Here’s a lift to Sascha’s Design. Your limo awaits here.

Featuring Sascha’s Designs Embrace Gowns (new!)
Hair by Osmose (closed)
Jewelry by Chop Zuey
Pose 1 Glitterati 102
Pose 2 Posies Hannah
Pose 3 Manifeste Editorial 27


Sascha Frangilli was voted 2012’s Avi Choice Award Best Designer in Women’s Apparel. It’s her second consecutive win. Well done Sascha! I think part of her appeal is the variety of options she offers in her designs. One of her newer releases, Mystica provides plenty of options in skirts. How many times have you loved a long gown and wished it was available in a cocktail dress style? Sascha does that for her customers.

SAS Mystica in TanMystica comes with a Split Straight Flexi Skirt, like the one above, and it also has a Cocktail Grande Flexi Skirt, and Split Hip Flexi Swirl Skirt. Check out the different skirts here. Variety is the spice of life! The open back is particularly alluring. I’m wearing it with the sculpted shoulder shawl.

SAS Mystica in Tan BackYay! It’s well past 5 am, so looks like the world is going to be okay. If you ever need a new perspective on life, do it from a distance. Also do it in style 😉

Mystica is available in many other colors, so check them out.  Here’s your limo.

Styling Credits:

Gown: Sascha’s Designs Mystica in Tan
Hair: Vanity Chiffon in Soil
Jewels: Chop Zuey Couture Fritillaries Bracelet and Earrings
Shoes: N-core ETERNITY XtremeHeel  L “Gold”

*Edited for forgetfulness*

Painting the Roses Red

I fell asleep watching Disney’s classic Alice in Wonderland, so I think someone decided to try and paint the roses red while I slept. 😉  

SAS KatieO Painting the Roses

Featuring: Sascha’s Designs – KatieO in Green with Flower Shoulder, Fluffer Skirt, and Grande Flexi Skirt

Makeup: LpD- *Conceptual* 1
Hair: Plume GIFT – Kiss From a Rose
Prop: aDORKable Poses: Petals in the Wind 2 and 3
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic
Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 12 D HB
Pose: Diesel Miaa


“The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage” (Thucydides).

Today America gives thanks and extends our love to the brave men and women who fought for our country. Thank you veterans!

Featuring: Sascha’s Design Purr USA Gown
Hair: AD Cray
Eyeshadow 1: Miamai_XGen Makeup_LashNLiner A White
Eyeshadow 2: cheLLe Undereye Shadows (Navy)
Lashes: Rhapsody [ glow ] studio (Former TDR GLOW special)
Nails: Izzie’s Classic Nails
Pose and Prop: dfo! [<3] love you more


Halloween hasn’t come yet, but I thought I would do like stores and throw out a possible gift for Christmas. You can never go wrong when shopping early! Sascha’s Depeche Jacket is a cool leather jacket that if perfect for fall, but did you know you could customize it? You’re able to add your name or your nickname on the back of the jacket for 100L. I didn’t get my name on back because at the time I was going through an identity crisis. Ah well…I’m much better now. 😉

Overall, it could be a special gift to someone you love, or it will be a unique jacket all for yourself. I’m wearing it in Beige, but there are of course other colors to choose from! See it for yourself! Click HERE for a ride to Sascha’s Design.

Jacket: Sascha’s Depeche Beige
Dress: Sascha’s Diana Beige II
Hair: AD Pause Nutmeg
Sunglasses: Miel Pilot Peepers
Necklace: PurpleMoon Idrill Necklace with Malachites

Sascha Design’s Diana Set One

Sascha always gives plenty of option when it comes to her creations. The Diana is no exception. Diana Set One has two adorable ponchos to choose from. The longer poncho, as worn below, has a dainty floral embellishment and can be worn on those chillier days.

Or you can go with the other options! The pants come in two styles, so one has a hand drawn belt while the other is without. The open back on the top gives a nice rear view too! A shorter poncho is also included. Too cute!

Need a lift so you can see it for yourself? Click here for ride to Sascha’s Designs.

Outfit: Sascha’s Designs Diana in Beige I
Hair: Exile:: Amira:Vanilla
Boots: *GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots “Will”
Accessories: JCNY NY@Night earrings and ring

Sascha’s Designs Garbo

Sascha Frangilli always creates gorgeous gowns! One of the things I like most about her designs is there are multiple ways to wear them. For someone who loves to play dress up, it’s quite a treat. I’m wearing one of her newest gown creations called Garbo. It comes in loads of other colors too. I’m wearing it in silver because I love the look of silver gowns. They are just so elegant to me.


Sascha’s Design Garbo Gown in Silver

Jewelry: PM Pearl’s Dream in White Earrings and Ring