land of enchantment

I do believe I’m having a quarter life crisis, so what does anyone do in my case? We put on a pretty gown and crown and wish ourselves away to fantasy. Reality is rough!

they never looked back

I’ve been packing all this week to relocate. I’m not shy about where I come from. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, and now I’m on my way to Las Vegas, Nevada. The city of sin… “Until you travel to that place you can’t come back
Where the last pain is gone and all that’s left is black” (Norah Jones, Danger Mouse and Danielle, “Black”).

Of never asking why

Yes, I’m a little sad to move. Nevertheless, my post’s point is to give you a look at Zuri Rayna’s Sweetheart Tiara. It  is delicately majestic if that makes any sense.  If you want to wander SL and let everyone know that you are “the one who knocks” (Breaking Bad),  do it princess style!

Until you travel to that place you can't come back

Zuri Rayna Jewelry group members receive a 25% refund (after purchase) on the first and second floors, but don’t forget to wear your group tags. Click here for your lift to Zuri Rayna Jewelry.


  • Zuri Rayna~ Sweethearts Tiara ~ Cuppa / Gold
  • Zuri Rayna~Antique Cuppa/Mocha Pearl Bracelet
  • Sascha’s Designs – Fools in Gold
  • Faenzo – UFFIE Hair
  • -Glam Affair – Candy – America – 03 D
  • Pose 1 by DelMay and Pose 2 and 3 by Morphine
  • Location Enchantment 

“the sun is eclipsed by the moon”

Zuri Rayna’s Moon Elite Earrings and Necklace are bold pieces that will spice up your fall wardrobe.

Zuri Rayna

It’s elite, so that means you can change the metal, gems, and collar.  Love color change jewelry because they offer versatility in a flash.

Zuri Rayna Two

All Zuri Rayna Jewelry group member get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the first and second floors with their group tags. Click here for a lift to Zuri Rayna Jewelry. Happy shopping!


  • Zuri Rayna Moon Elite Earrings and Necklace
  • Coco Fur Stole in Gray
  • Coco Cropped Biker Jacket Tank Top
  • Coco Knee Boots in Black
  • PurpleMoon Milana Skirt in Black
  • Lelutka Swish Ponytail in Walnutwhip
  • Glam Affair Candy Skin 10
  • cheLLe Bohemian Beauty Under Eyeshadow in Purple
  • GA Mysteria Lashes and Liner
  • Pose 1 .::MORPHINE Store::. –  Insane Reason Set.1.6
  • Pose 2: Glitterati Closeup
  • Location: Zepplin Bar 
  • Post title pinched from Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse

“I let the melody shine”

Zuri Rayna’s Antique Pearls are absolutely divine.  They are a new release and have a wonderful variety of shaded pearls and gemstones. Normally, they’re 599L, but if you happen to be a part of Zuri Rayna Jewelry’s Group, you’ll get that instant 25% off and only pay 449L.

Zuri Antique Pearls

The bling is optional, and there is also a full bright option in the resize menu.  Also, unless it’s a special or a free gift, Zuri Rayna’s Jewelry is transferable, so you can treat your friends or loved ones with a special present. Click here for a lift to Zuri Rayna’s jewelry.


  • Zuri Rayna~Antique Garnet/Crimsen Pearls
  • SAS – Natalya Gown in Red
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • Vanity Hair:Cohimbra HP-Umber
  • Glam Affair – Candy – America – 06 C
  • Pose: .::MS::.-INSTABILITY 1.13
  • Post Title pinched from The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony

“cold comfort for change?”

Zuri Rayna is ready for Halloween. Are you? It’s actually my favorite holiday. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart, and barely 5 feet in real life, so it’s okay 😉

Hey…do you believe in ghosts? I do. Zuri Rayna’s Sterling Ghost Earrings are on sale for 99L at the cart sale. You can find gold too for 55L. It lasts a week, so if you want to embrace the unknown, go for it and get a pair.

Zuri Boo

My closest friends in SL know I’m afraid of spiders. All of my RL friends and family know too. I once left my house because there was a spider in the sink. It was looking at me funny. It was hard for me to take pictures of this set. It’s sparkly and gorgeous, but I’m such a scardey cat! It’s timely for Halloween though, and if you are braver than I, you can find the Enchanting Spider Elite for only 550L. When it’s elite, that means you can change the gems and  the metal! It’s half off, and you’ll get the 2013 version that comes with stunning new custom textures, with armbands, two bracelets, a belly jewel,necklace,earrings and ring. Also, Norena Soir’s Black Widow Orchid Risque Ensemble was designed especially for this set.

Zuri Spiders

The Jeweled Batwing Elite is also half off on the cart sales.  I’m not sure why, but I think bats are beautiful creatures.

Zuri Bats

Perhaps, it’s their nocturnal lifestyle. I’m afraid of the dark, so I can appreciate creatures who thrive in it.

Don’t forget! All Zuri Rayna Jewelry group members get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the first and second floors when wearing the group tag. Ready to go? Click here for your limo.

Post Title taken from Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here” 

“let the sun beat down upon my face”

Zuri Rayna’s gorgeous Flori Collection is available in various colors such as Grape Sterling, Crimson Gold, Turquoise, Champagne, and Sage. On the left, you’ll see the Sage and on the right, you’ll see the Champagne.

New Flori

Don’t forget to wear your Zuri Rayna Jewelry group tag in order to receive an instant 25% refund! Click here for your ride. Happy shopping day!


  • Zuri Rayna Flori Necklace and Earrings  in Sage
  • Bliss Couture Narissa Dress in Pearl
  • Boon booN SCO052 hair blonde
  • Pose Manifeste Editorial 24


  • Zuri Rayna Flori Necklace and Earrings in Champagne
  • Bliss Couture  Wynn Gown (Mesh)
  • Vanity hair:Uthopia HP-Umber
  • Pose Glitterati Close Up 9
  • Post title from Led Zeppelin Kashmir

“these are crazy days but they make me shine”

Sometimes, slipping into a gorgeous gown and fine jewelry is like instant Prozac. Zuri Rayna’s Frosted Elite Pearls Necklace and Genuine Pearl Elite Earrings are classic staples for ladies who love to be chic.  They’re versatile pieces too because with a click of the mouse, you can choose from 11 pearl textures and 3 metals.


When you join the Zuri Rayna Jewelry group in world, you’ll get a 25% refund, after your purchase, on the first and second floors when wearing the group tag.

By the way, my lovely gown by Sascha’s Design is on special for 60L weekend. Yup. Instant Prozac! Need to shop asap? Click here for your lift to Zuri Rayna Jewelry.  Happy shopping!


  • Jewelry: Zuri Rayna~ Frosted Elite Pearls Necklace and Genuine Pearl Elite Earrings
  • Dress: Sascha’s Designs – Palazzio Aqua with Grande Formal Skirt (60L Weekend Deal)
  • Hair: Miamai_Lika Updo_Brown
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Candy – America – 01 D at the Arcade
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • Pose: Glitterati CloseUp 7
  • Post title from Oasis “All Around the World”