“cold comfort for change?”

Zuri Rayna is ready for Halloween. Are you? It’s actually my favorite holiday. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart, and barely 5 feet in real life, so it’s okay ūüėČ

Hey…do you believe in ghosts? I do.¬†Zuri Rayna’s Sterling Ghost Earrings are on sale for 99L at the cart sale. You can find gold too for 55L. It lasts a week, so if you want to embrace the unknown, go for it and get a pair.

Zuri Boo

My closest friends in SL know I’m afraid of spiders. All of my RL friends and family know too. I once left my house because there was a spider in the sink. It was looking at me funny. It was hard for me to take pictures of this set. It’s sparkly and gorgeous, but I’m such a scardey cat! It’s timely for Halloween though, and if you are braver than I, you can find the Enchanting Spider Elite for only 550L.¬†When it’s elite, that means you can change the gems and ¬†the metal! It’s half off, and you’ll get the 2013 version that comes with¬†stunning new custom textures,¬†with armbands, two bracelets, a belly jewel,necklace,earrings and ring. Also,¬†Norena¬†Soir’s¬†Black Widow Orchid Risque Ensemble was designed especially for this set.

Zuri Spiders

The Jeweled Batwing Elite is also half off on the cart sales. ¬†I’m not sure why, but I think bats are beautiful creatures.

Zuri Bats

Perhaps, it’s their nocturnal lifestyle. I’m afraid of the dark, so I can appreciate creatures who thrive in it.

Don’t forget! All Zuri Rayna Jewelry group members get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the first and second floors when wearing the group tag. Ready to go? Click¬†here¬†for your limo.

Post Title taken from Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here”¬†