Troll Patrol

Happy Christmas Eve and Acid Lily Monday! It’s not too late for Christmas shopping and that means you can shop for yourself too! Acid Lily has a brand new collection out for your shopping pleasure. Bitch Tales Troll Hunter is camouflage with wings so you can remain incognito, but quickly fly and swoop down on sl predators. It’s a complete ensemble so comes with boots, stockings, and blindfold as well.

Bitch Tail Troll Patrol for Acid Lily

BT’s Troll Hunter outfit is actually perfect for all those flatter bots out and about. There has to be a person behind the keyboard right? While trolls and bots may be different, they are equally annoying. I actually came across two flatter bots. So far, I’ve only run across two scripts. I wasn’t aware of this until a google search and came across Iris Ophelia’s blog, but I did talk back to first avi as though were a normal “person.”

December 9th

SunshineApplesauce: ouch! that hurt!! you bumped me tooooo hard
Laylah Lecker: lol sorry
SunshineApplesauce: just kiddddding cause if you did, I liked it :X haha
Laylah Lecker: lol
SunshineApplesauce: don’t be upset with me ok? I’m a prankster 😛
Laylah Lecker: course not upset 😀 I know pixels don’t hurt lol 😉
SunshineApplesauce: awww your avatar is awesome

December 21st

Biancee: WOW!! How are you, I haven’t seen you in like forever
Laylah Lecker: a whole 2 weeks ago? Whoa! 😀
Biancee: I’m just joking, we aren’t old friends or anything SL is super wonky and I have to wait for this all to rez before i can do anything 😛
Happy Saturday :D!!
Laylah Lecker: Happy Sat! Sunshine 😀
Biancee: I just decided to log in today after 2 years! But for whatever reason my password on my old account won’t work BLAH –
Biancee: my name was (taken out just in case) before which was such a cool name 😦 now I am stuck with this stupid name and RESIDENT – that is an ugly last name!
Biancee: were you thinking about cursing me out? haha
Biancee: holy crap you have an amazing avatar!

And on and on…

Blogs are powerful when sharing information, so it’s worth it to do a little bit of research in case something is too good to be true or so weird it can’t be normal.

Check out BT’s Troll Patrol at Acid Lily, but beware of strangers asking for money. Actually beware of anyone who steadily asks for money. If someone wants something badly enough, he or she will work for it. Happy shopping!

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