“Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well…”

Any blogger who does in-world shots knows the risk. By risk, I mean other avatars entering a blogger’s world. Sometimes, it’s harmless. Other times, people behind the keyboard are having a wonderful time jumping or pushing the solitary avatar that looks like she is lost or away from the keyboard. This time, I camera stalked the one-day-old avatar and took a snapshot because for all I know she is new or perhaps she’s having a bad day. I’ve never really photographed others, but it’s the personification of nostalgia, for me. Avatars are not human, but the people who control them are. So, this is for Fiyouna (pictured below). She doesn’t know me, but she virtually touched me.

I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it

When I first set out to blog, I had Memorial Day on my mind. I don’t know anyone who has died in service. As a good American,  I appreciate it. As a person, I wish war wasn’t necessary. I have lost loved ones, and they did not die with honors, but I still take this day to remember them the same.

I remember it all too well

The people I knew were battling their own wars and they lost. Some people say suicide is selfish, but it may not be that simple. In a twisted way, suicidal individuals may feel as  though they are making a difference in their loved ones’ lives and that means letting their loved ones live on in peace. Of course, that does not happen because the living hurt more than the dead, but it’s an idea that haunts me.

Wind in my hair, you were there

Before I get too political or crybaby for my own good (I don’t know enough to really debate about politics; I just run on emotions so you’ve met your match in crybaby territory), I’ll end it on a safe note. For those that I’ve lost and whom others have lost, we remember you all too well and love you. ♥

I can’t say that I love you Fiyouna because I don’t know you, but I want to thank you for bumping into me.

I’m wearing
Blac Label Boutique Siran Cardigan~Peach Limpet @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
Blac Label Boutique Siran Halter and Shorts ~Peach @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
*Nya’s*Jacky-O Flats for Slink @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
Vanity Hair:Miss Fisher-Browns
Pose 2: ASO! Mimosa 5 (Gacha)
Pose 3: Eternal Dream Vicky 01
Location: Everlong 

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