Surprise Me!

Recently, a friend of mine threw a surprise party for her husband but it didn’t have the wow factor she was hoping for. One, they have twins and her husband always brings both babies at the same time. So she had her phone filming discretely and hubby only walks in with one baby. You can hear the wtf in my friend’s voice when she asked where the other baby was. Hubby gets other baby two seconds later…then leaves again to collect the diaper bags.

Surprise Parties

Normally, he brings it all in. Think someone alerted him to the surprise? Methinks yes. The lesson: don’t let too many people in on the surprise! I had a surprise bridal party and it was my first surprise party. I was genuinely surprised, so it honestly made for the best time ever!

Need a fancy party dress? Snowpaws has two delicious pieces at Designer Showcase March. Here’s your lift!

Sunshine is wearing:

Dress: Snowpaws Courant Bow Gown – Pearl @ March Designer Showcase 
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Chisa”(Moon stone)
FuLo – “Tina” ring – Ruby
Lazuri Classic Pearls Ring – Left

I’m wearing:

Dress: Snowpaws Au Revoir Red Silk Gown – Sparkle @ March Designer Showcase 
LeLutka Head Simone
Hair: Vanity Hair: Luck be a Lady-Browns
{Reverie} ‘Box of Charms’ – French Heiress Earrings @ March Arcade 2016

Pose and props:
Glitterati “Straight on Til Morning”
Fancy Decor Harpsichord Rare and Parlor Chandelier and Ariskea Dollie Rug @ March Arcade 2016



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