Ex-shoes me? Where did you get your shoes?

We can always use more shoes right ladies? CandyMetal has some cute mesh pumps over at this week’s Acid Lily collection.

While I like mesh heels, sometimes the colors can be a bit tricky. Huds are easy to use, but there are so many different shades in our skins alone. I use Color Cop to find a close RGB.

First I open up Color Cop. It’s a super small window that stays open, so I’m able to read the numbers I get without switching back and forth. However, you’ll need to have Basic and Atmospheric Shaders checked in your preferences box.

Tutorial Color Cop First Step

See the super tiny window? It’s very handy. None of the hud’s presets worked for my skin, so I used the dropper to get an approximate match. Usually people recommend you get the RGB above the avi ankle bone or on it. Since I wanted a good front view, I dragged the dropper to the shin right above the shoe’s mesh ankle.

Tutorial Color Cop Final

Yay! It’s much closer to my skin tone. Not perfect, but I don’t like to run around in mesh heels really because of the variation in windlights. I use a bright windlight setting and low graphics to run around in. I love how bright windlights make us all so pretty. However, the feet’s tone works for my pictures. Done!

SS Mesh Retro Polka Dots for Acid Lily

You can download Color Cop for free here.  Also, check out Acid Lily and find your favorite pair of CandyMetal Glitter pumps and SS Retro Dress. The CandyMetal pumps come in other colors such as Turquoise, Gold, and Purple. As for SS Retro dress, there are six patterns and colors to choose from! Here’s a lift to Acid Lily. It’s the fashion showcase where everything is 70L and under! Happy shopping!


  • CandyMetal Glitter Pumps Mesh Black at Acid Lily
  • SS Mesh Retro Dress in Polka Dots at Acid Lily
  • MONS / Makeups – lipstick – red
  • League Skin Isla -Pale
  • NOYA designs VAMP Eyelashes
  • LiNe Cherry Earrings (old hunt item)
  • TRUTH Hair Sassy 2 – coffee
  • Izzie’s – Classic Nails
  • Virtual Props Cherry Baby Pose Prop (group gift)

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