Have a Happy Halloween with Acid Lily!

Tomorrow marks Halloween! Actually I’m really going to miss all the Halloween items. It really is my favorite holiday because I love to play dress up. Although, in SL, we can do that year round 😉 Acid Lily’s showcase has some last-minute Halloween treats for you. Emporium’s back mesh shorts and ribcage sweater and TinRoof’s Trick or Treat are perfect for those of you who don’t like to get in full costume. In fact, both are good if you are taking your lil ones out trick or treating and don’t want to steal their limelight!

TinRoof’s Trick or Treat features mesh jeans and a traditional SL t-shirt. Oh and the cute sneakers are included! I logged on today to a note from Boudoir’s Halloween Fair and rushed to get the pumpkin heads. Too cute. At least for me. They are a bit on the scary side I realized for some today. However…that’s what Halloween is all about!

Emporium Mesh Shorts and Skull Sweater @ Acid Lily
TinRoof’s Trick or Treat @ Acid Lily
Pumpkin Heads @ Boudior Haunted Halloween Fair
Decoration Halloween Basket 3 by Allyson Dwyer

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