Sassy and Phoebe

As always, I’m a fan of anything pink, and Sassy’s Rock Me sweater is a warm shade that totally works this time of year. It actually comes with sheer and opaque tank top, but I was feeling a little modest today 😉 I never wear piercings (guess I’m chicken in rl and in sl), but I thought Phoebe’s Serie Q1 unisex piercings was the perfect accompaniment.

This week’s collection at Acid Lily will be gone soon! Click HERE for a ride!

Shirt: Sassy! Rock Me sweater – deep pink – 70L @ Acid Lily

Jewelry:Phoebe ~Piercings &  More~ UNISEX Face Piercings, Serie Q1, silver – L$ 55 @ Acid Lily

Pants: id. fall mesh skinnies

Hair: booN CTW881

Shoes: LeeZu Piccadilly Overknee Boots

Nails: N-core Manicure

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