LoveCats Moirai

LoveCats has a complete set over at Acid Lily. By complete, I mean it has the dress, sheer black pants, and lace trimmed strappy heels. I’m a big fan of lace, and the combination of sheer fabric and lace trim provides an alluring silhouette. It had a goth look to me, so I’m wearing it as a Halloween type costume, (I love Halloween) but it has many more uses! Women can never have too many lacy dresses in their inventories 😉

The shoes have a color change hud, so you’re able to get a decent skin tone match. Admittedly, I only worried about my feet matching my upper half since my legs were covered, but if you love the shoes and want to wear them on their own, the shoe and nail color hud is easy to operate.

The complete set is only 70L. Head on over to Acid Lily and check out all the other discounted and or exclusive items for this week’s round. Click HERE for ride!


Dress:  Moirai @ Acid Lily Designer Showcase

Makeup: *VoguE* Glitter Makeup 1~f (Charcoal w/Red Lipstick)

Hair: “LoQ Hairs” Caffe Corretto – Dark Brown

Nails: N-core Manicure

Earrings: p.c. Black Pearl Drops

Photos taken with StrawberrySingh Windlights Diamond

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