End of Summer

It’s mid-October and I’m finally feeling a chill in the air in Vegas.¬† I imagine summer has been over for most of you for quite some time. What marks your summer’s end?

End of Summer

For me, it’s football. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a bar (ooh that sounds bad lol) in my sweatshirt and shorts and marveled that it only seems football season was like yesterday. Today I imagined working a seasonal summer gig only to have Fall shoved in my face, so my photo represents that juxtaposition. ūüėČ

Pose: Reve Obscura Football bento pose 4 with mesh football @Pose Fair
Location: Fairhaven
Top: Ring Master Top
Bottoms: Bebe Pantyhose TGE w/materials Black
Shoes: Hilly Haalan Cammy Sneakers
Hair: Exile Pick up lines
Accessories: Dead Dollz РThe Art of Tease Top Hat & Bento gloves (Gacha items)
Body parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento

Check out Sophie MOVE!

I traveled into new territory for this blog and dusted off my microphone so I could show you MOVE! Animations Cologne newest booty bento dance series called Sophie. Sophie exudes sensuality and confidence!

Check out Sophie MOVE

Guess where Sophie is available? That’s right Pose Fair! Here’s my take (seems like 100th take lol). Warning it is blurry, so don’t only take my word and head to Pose Fair to demo!

Sophie is available at Pose Fair at a special thank you price so click here to check them out.

I’m wearing

Top: Dead Dollz – Grumpy & Nice – Blush (Maitreya)
Bottom: ISON – Livie Ripped Jeans – navy (Collabor88 item)
Shoes: Baiastice_Isa Sneakers-Powder-Maitreya
Hair: Argrace Karin

Listening to Ryan Adam’s cover of “All you had to do was stay”


Sister Games…

…or friend games, frenemies games, and goofing off games. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a straight-up enemy, though. Someone, in my case Sunshine, needs to be a solid foundation!

Sister Games

Surely you’ve been to Pose Fair by now? If not, it’s 11 days in. Since it ends on October 31, there’s plenty of time, but there’s a photo contest, so I say plan accordingly and have some fun with your pictures. For instance, I love One Moon Sister Games because it is creative and actually makes me feel light inside. Poor Sunshine might not feel the same, but she’s smiling like a champ lol.

Pose: .::One Moon::. Sister Games РBento couple pose @Pose Fair
Outfit: Scandalize. Elva (former Uber item)
Hair: Argrace Yura
Body parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento & Slink Static Pointe

Sunshine is wearing .:villena:. РCropped Sweatshirt (Maitreya) РFlawless White, Higgle Leggings White & Reign Ballet Flats Ankle (former Arcade item)

Background: Soy. The Studio


Wherever I am

Laylah says, “Um, this doesn’t look like a place for a party. Are you sure this is the address?”

simply dyvne

Taco checks his phone. “Yep.”


The young couple stops in their tracks. Laylah says, “Lemme check your phone.”

Poses:¬†Simply Dvyne “Wherever I am” & “Calm”¬†@Pose Fair
Outfit: (fd) Cutout Turtleneck РRose LARA, GizzA РGrace / Mini Skirt [Denim] Maitreya, Baiastice_Isa Sneakers-Powder-Maitreya & Navy+Copper РSundae
Taco: [Deadwool] Hugo shirt Рgrey, ExMachina [Gild] Mods slim pants_black with Side Gore boots & Stealthic РRebellion
Location: Pendle Hill


Face Off

Ever have one of the days where you show the world one side only to get home and become completely yourself? I do. My husband would argue I have at least 10 sides. That’s not true.¬†ūüėé

Two Face

Sometimes you have to rip off the mask to only put on another.

Face Off

Pose: Po^Z Two-Face and Face Off  (mask included) @Pose Fair
Outfit: Jumo Killian @Designer Showcase
Hair: Boon Lab.026
Jewelry: *AvaWay* NEVA_RING 17, 19, and 20(Gacha)
Location: Faerie Tale

[Life] of a Moth

Gingerfish Poses tapped into my weird fondness of moths. It’s one of the few insects I’m not afraid of…although I do freak out when a moth gets caught in my hair. “Moth,” available at Pose Fair, reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s short story “Death of a Moth.” Basically all creatures, regardless of how small, struggle in their lives.

Death of a moth

“Moth” includes 10 animations, 5 regular and 5 mirrors, and attachable moths that fit their respective animation. Heads up. I noticed the moths fit the mirror poses, so perhaps I didn’t properly unpack. They also require some adjustment depending on your shape. However, you’re able to edit them so it’s an easy enough process! Show moths some love k?

As I mentioned, “Moth” is only available at Pose Fair. Need a lift? Click here. If you haven’t heard, there’s a photo contest! Check Pose Fair’s website for more details and good luck! =)

Pose Gingerfish Poses “Moth” 4 mirror¬†@Pose Fair
Outfit:¬†::C’est la vie !:: Delia party dress (orange) – Maitreya
Shoes: Lindy Mary Janes (Black)
Rings: Yummy Stella Rings – Maitreya
Hair: Argrace Chikage Mirror
Body parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento
Location: Frog Hollow

(Fall)ow me

Pose Fair is officially open! While it ends on October 31st, you should go as soon as possible. So many poses, so many stories, plus contests and free gifts for Pose Fair Lovers group members! My selection of the day? CORPUS poses.

Wildest moments

CORPUS has been one of my go-to pose places for quite some time, so I was happy to see a few couples poses. Course, my hubby didn’t want to log in, so I hijacked his avatar…as usual, really. I think I got his expression down pat, though. Even when I’m feeling wild, he looks like he tolerates it lol.

Comfort Zone

We’ve been together forever, so our comfort zone includes spending quality time while I talk his face off. CORPUS also has a solo set for a contemplative mood or just hanging out with your honey in bed. But like my husband, you don’t have to listen to me. Go see for yourself!

Click here for your lift to Pose Fair.

Poses: CORPUS Wildest Moments & Comfort Zone @Pose Fair
Location: Fairhaven North Shore

Moi – Outfit: Pseudo- Peria (Tan) @Access Event
Shoes: =Zenith=spring platform (Beige) -Maitreya (Gacha item)
Hair: LiquidMoon AMY wants more @Hair Fair
Body parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento

Taco РOutfit: Millo Copperfield РCasual Blue Jeans Shorts & ISON MAN Рtee time
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Classic Shane Sneakers
Hair: Stealthic РPsycho
Body parts: Exmachina Davide

“On the [boat] ride of our lives…”

Going nowhere fast? Slow down and drift in Amitie Boat Days¬†and see where you end up. That’s right. Pose Fair is back! Amitie Boat Days let you travel solo, with a friend, or with your lover. For this ride, Sunshine is my companion, even in the dusk. ūüėČ

We pass knowing we're fearless.jpg

When riding solo, you have 7 animations to choose from. Six are mirrored. Want to travel the open waters with a friend? Choose from 4 animations to set the scene. See above and below for examples!

Going nowhere fast.jpg

Can’t leave your bae behind? You’ll get four couple animations to show the love. PG love that is, unless you like to go boating au naturel. Want Amitie Boat Days like now. Don’t fear. Pose Fair officially opens October 1! Until then, how about you check out Flickr for more sneak peeks?

Featuring: Amitie Boat Days @Pose Fair (landmark coming soon)
Me: *COCO*Crop Hoodie (Pink)+Hair @Uber & High Waist Jeans(Blue)_with wide cuffs for Maitreya
Sunshine: !gO! Akiko shirt Р2 @The Arcade, ISON РLivie Ripped Jeans Рblue (maitreya) @Collabor88 & Argrace Tsuzuri


Easy Breezy

Considering I’m¬†3184 days old, I’m probably not Second Life’s newest IT girl. But hey, it’s SL so I can imagine! I’m definitely a bitch sassy, so there you go. This round of Pose Fair is coming to an end, and¬†Exposeur – Cover Girl – Fashion prop was one of my guilty purchases because I honestly don’t think I can use it over and over. However, the premise was too cute, so here we are.

Easy Breezy Covergirl

For those much more talented in Photoshop than I, Exposeur includes a¬†Cover Girl – Fashion Magazine Texture 724 x 1024¬†and¬†a cover only version. This means close-ups and maybe text modification. I’m not sure about the latter, but the prop features 5 poses, so it’s versatile in that way.¬† I feel like the US is rolling back to a 1984 vibe so this cover in July 2018 will be an archive devoted to IT girls, sexy shine, 22 ways to customize your body, and romantic moods. Better get it for history’s sake!

July’s round of Pose Fair ends soon, so hurry up and find exclusive poses that will make your world go round.

Pose prop and pose 2: Exposeur РCover Girl РFashion photography prop @Pose Fair
Outfit: Dead Dollz РValley of Dead Dollz РPetticoat РSky and Bra РWhite @The Epiphany & !gO! boho summer sweatshirt Р3 (former Arcade Item)
Shoes: Dead Dollz РValley of Dead Dollz РThigh Sandals РRARE @The Epiphany
Hair: [monso] My Hair РYuqi /Brown