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It’s always fun to get all dressed up for absolutely no reason whatsoever right? In SL, we can run around in gowns all day if we like. Sascha’s Designs has tons of frilly and dainty gowns for those occasion, and Ms. Sascha Frangilli’s (aka The Queen of Farts) newest gown Acacia has what we all love about Sascha’s clothing…loads of skirt choices and colors.


Try on the skirts shown in the picture, or choose to wear the full gown or sexy side slit version. Want to see the many choices? Click here for your limo to Sascha’s Designs. Happy shopping!


  • SAS – Acacia Seafoam Grande Flexi Skirt, Sweeper Flexi Skirt and Ruffled Collar
  • ::Exile:: Part of Me:Chardonnay
  • Aly – Diamond Royalty Rose Earrings and Hope Rose Diamond Necklace
  • Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Fresh
  • JCNY – Sacred Hearts, Hyper-Gems Engagement Ring
  • N-core COQUETTE
  • Glam Affair – Luria skin – 04 (from the Arcade March)
  • Poses: Manifeste 599 and 581 at Pose Fair 2013
  • SAS – Acacia Apricot with Rococo Flexi Skirt and Shoulder Wrap
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0 and Saga Lips 01
  • LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 02
  • :: PM :: Venice Necklace and Earrings in Rose (former L’accessories)
  • Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
  • Boudoir Baroque hair brown
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
  • [Gos] Grace Sandal – Bronze – S

night flight

Sometimes, the only way to travel is to fly. Co*Motion’s wearable prop Night Flight allows one to soar through the skies.

Night Flyer

Night Flight features other colors and it also comes in petite versions, so all you petite avatars can travel in whimsical style too. Of course, one should blend in when flying incognito.

Night Flyer 2

I disguised my Evian Aphrodite skin with its vivid layer. The vivid layers are really awesome because you can tint your skin to whatever color you like while maintaining the features of the skin and shape that you love. Give it a try! Click here for a lift to Egoisme’s main store.

Night Flyer 3

Now when you land, you’ll blend into your surroundings beautifully. Or stand out. It’s up to you and your mission. By the way, my graceful cat like crouch didn’t come  naturally. I had a little help from Mabinogion. They have a variety of role playing poses so check them out at Pose Fair 2013.

Only one more day to get C0*Motion’s Night Flight for a killer price over at Acid Lily, so click here for a ride. Happy weekend!


  • Evian  Aphrodite Shape, Pale Skin, Black Smoke eyeshadow, Darkness eyes, and Vividtone layer at Egoisme
  • Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }*Erin Dark
  • booN hairpieces JOPE57 pink
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman 
  • Wearable Prop: Co*Motion Night Flight (60L) at Acid Lily
  • Pose: +Mabinogion+  Crouch 4 (F) at Pose Fair 2013

c’mon let’s go!

Have you gone to Pose Fair yet? Well, come on Let’s Go! Ok that’s actually the name of the pose I’m featuring today, but seriously,  if you haven’t visited Pose Fair yet, make sure to head on over especially if you’re looking for friend or group poses. Elephant Poses’ friendly “Let’s Go,” is an exclusive Pose Fair item. It came in handy because my friend Sunshine and I visited New York the other day, and I seriously had to carry her away.
Acid Lily
 Don’t worry it’s only a chalk drawing so no real vandalism occurred, but Sunshine wanted to finish her drawing. Actually, I love this sim because it gives rez rights, so it’s easy to use your own prop or pose balls and have a cool background to boot. Speaking of boots, our boots (and skin) are part of Acid Lily’s newest showcase.  Everything at Acid Lily is 70L and under, so you’re sure to find a good deal. It’s almost the weekend, so why not spend some time out and about the SL grids and do a little bit of shopping? Here’s a lift to Pose Fair and Acid Lily. Happy shopping!
Featuring Elephant Poses “Let’s Go” at Pose Fair 2013
Styling Credits:
(Cracked Mirror) Sheep Herders Vest (Global Domination Prize)
“”D!va”” Hair “Haruka” (Citrine)
*League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelets
LavandaChic*Knee boots*turquoise* at Acid Lily
Jamman Ultra Mesh Fingernails rigged V3
.:*DuCk or SwAn*:Sophia Shape
.:*DuCk or SwAn*:.Loly at Acid Lily
(TokiD) denim shorts (black) and cotton shirt (pink sugar skull)
(NO) Nail Art – Shabby Chic (former Arcade item)
Clawtooth: Doolittle – Bombshell Blonde (former Arcade item)
LavandaChic*Knee boots* Purple at Acid Lily
.:*DuCk or SwAn*:Maty Shape and Special Eyelashes Skin at Acid Lily

Have you seen the Easter bunny?

Even though I am an adult, the kid in me comes out with a vengeance for most holidays. Happy Easter if it applies to you! Did you go hunting for eggs and chocolate bunnies? I did and my basket is all mine!

Easter Basket

Actually, you can get one of your own baskets too at Pose Fair 2013. The Poise Preen Set comes with a basket for the various poses, so you’re ready to snap a pic, or head out to a hunt in style. The chocolate bunnies look yummy!

It is MY Easter Basket

Try out Poise Poses at the pose fair. There are loads of awesome poses to suit every occasion. Click here for your lift!

The Sea Hole – Lorette Skirt  – Antique at the Arcade
Schadenfreude Cygnette Heels (former Collabor88 item)
[W&B] Claven Lace Blouse ANTIQUE
Izzie’s – Tights medium cream
cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Dreamy (Under Eye 1)
LAQ ~ Essential Saga 1.0- Lipgloss and Eye Makeup 01
*Alice Project* Willow [Low] – Infinity
*NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes
Chop Zuey Fritillaries Set White
Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails
.::Poise:: Spring Preening and Easter Basket at Pose Fair 2013

Ticking Away

We all love exclusive LIV Glam ensembles right? Designer Samantha Jones has a way with textures, so the Imani Outfit, brand new for the Spring 2013 collection, is impeccable in its details. You can find this version at The Couturier’s Dock. It’s limited, and as of now (12:50 pm/slt) there are 43 left. It’s a strapless design, so you take off the jacket to show off delicate shoulders and a slender neck.

LIV Glam at the CD
Click here for your lift to The Couturier’s Dock.

[LIV Glam] Boutique-Spring 2013-Imani Outfit at The Couturier’s Dock
*elymode* makeup – Gluttony shadows – caramel (lower)
!*Bliss Hair*! Nizami Hair – Chocolat
*GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
:: PM :: Lourdes Fur Purse Black
Chop Zuey Death in Mantua Earrings and The Eccentric Samurai Bracelets
Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3
[Gos] Grace Sandal – Black Patent – S
LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
D.Luxx Poses MaD.Luxx Poses – Magnetic 02 at Pose Fair 2013

Psst…pack a lunch. It’s time for Pose Fair 2013!

Pose Fair 2013 is finally here, so you better pack a lunch because once you get there…you won’t want to leave! It’ open at 12 noon, so run out the door!

Lunch Box One

Ok…may have to wait a bit. The fair is already full! Don’t be sad. It is open until April 14! Maybe you should join the Hottie Cooterati in-world group for first dibs on notices and landmarks. Hey…what’s in your lunch box? Ooh peanut butter and jelly is my favorite too!

Lunch Box 2

It seems dark out, but it’s only the clouds. Aren’t you glad I told you to pack a lunch? And no…it’s not polite to wish someone would crash so we can get in.

Lunch Box 3

Ok…I lied. It is allowed, but only for today! Hurry before someone takes our spot!

Lunch Box 4

Hope you have a lot of fun at Pose Fair 2013! It’s time to celebrate our pose creators! It’s sure to be busy, but you’ll be glad once you get in. Check out the list of pose creator participants and location at the Hottie Cooterati Experience Blog. Happy posing!


  • Poses: elymode Lunchbox (don’t forget a Gacha Lunchbox!) at Pose Fair 2013
  • elymode: Lunchbox v1 – Gacha – sakura blossoms at Pose Fair 2013
  • [zombie_doll] Boho Dress Vintage Pink Floral
  • [Wishbox] Rocking Horse Shoes in Pink
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Giselle Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Wild honey
  • Baiastice_Spring mesh straw hat-pink/fuchsia bow
  • Dark Mouse Chocolate Sparkles Necklace – Silver (Chest)
  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3
  • [MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet and Hand Ring/pure White
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0, Saga Lips 01, LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 05


Well, fancy that…it’s a Pose Fair 2013 sneak peek!

Ok…I couldn’t resist, so I had to give a sneak preview! I was so happy when the Hottie Cooterati Experience accepted my application to be a blogger for Pose Fair 2013 because I really love Second Life animations. Grafica’s Marionetta Poses are especially fitting for my first Pose Fair contribution since we are master manipulators…of our avis at least. 😉Doll Whether we are full bodied avatars or a doll like shell, poses make us come alive because they have the ability to capture our movement and tell a story. 

Marionetta Gorgeous clothes, hair, skin, and accessories give our avatars beauty, but poses give our three dimensional dolls life and allow us to portray our second lives or what only exists in our dreams.

Sneak Preview Pose Fair 2013 If you have your own dream, fantasy, or story to tell, and you love poses as much as I do, it’s almost time for Pose Fair 2013. The clock is ticking. I’ll be blogging a lot about Pose Fair until the end. Join me in a celebration of pose artists and creators on March 29th at 12pm/slt. Click here for a list of pose makers participating in Pose Fair 2013!

Featuring Grafica Poses Marionetta Series by Alyx Aerallo (link coming soon!)

Picture One:

  • *COCO* Doll Body with Bandages
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • Marionette Doll Puppet String by Anara Aeon
  • Marionetta 010 Mirror

Picture Two:

  • *COCO* Doll Body
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • *COCO*_Doll_SlipDress_White
  • Curio Bow – White Blonde
  • Marionette Doll Puppet String by Anara Aeon
  • Marionetta-007 mirror

Picture Three (a compilation of goods from my inventory):

  • GizzA – TUTU [Rockin’ Diva] 
  • [FIEND] Punkass – Legwarmers/pumps (at Acid Lily)
  • Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Black (at  the Arcade)
  • !VA! Flavour Excess::soil
  • Gems & Kisses – Luxury Chains – Black A – Choker
  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman 
  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Sophia Shape and Sophia Skin Blush Lip 1 (at Acid Lily)
  • *COCO* Doll Body 
  • (fd) BB Doll – Sleeping (at the Arcade)
  • Modes de Moulin Black Diamond Top Hat  by Page Creations
  • Magika Hair Plenty
  • *COCO*_BowShirt White)_Jacket
  • ::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland:Moreno
  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Lee Shape and Lee Skin gift LB (at Acid Lily)
  • Marionetta-001
  • Marionetta-004
  • Marionetta-009 mirror