Spring’s just around the corner (at least in my neck of the woods)

It finally rained in Las Vegas, and my boyfriend found out his windshield wipers didn’t work. What a way to find out huh? Daylight savings time is…next week…I think, and I’m ready for it. I know we lose an hour, but we have extra sunlight. I only like the rain in SL, or when I’m tucked away in bed watching a marathon session of Breaking Bad, Weeds, or House of Cards (not much of a marathon for this show).

Incidentally, Prism Design’s Felicity Early Spring Coat in First Flowers screams springtime and soon to come April showers.

Spring Showers

It also comes with the boots, so feel free to splish and splash in any puddle that comes your way. Now stomping in puddles is something I do like because it’s such a rarity for me. Been there done that? Awww…okay. In that case, hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you may be! 😉


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