mad labyrinth

Growing up in New Mexico, I heard plenty of scary stories…and one or two ghost stories. 😉 One that will stay with me is the story of La Llorona. As the tale goes, La Llorona, or the weeping woman, fell in love with a man and drowned her children in order to be with him. He must have been a smart man because he refused her, so she drowned herself in a Mexican river. Heaven wouldn’t have her either until she found her innocent children. If you are walking along a lake or river bank and hear her hopeless cries, some say it’s a prediction for your death. So cover your ears and close your eyes until the wails cease otherwise it will be your blood on La Llorona‘s hands.

la llorona

As a child, that story terrified me, and hey, it’s Halloween and I wanted to blog Mag<3 Ebony outfit. It’s an exclusive item for the Mad Labyrinth Hunt. That maze is crazy! I tried to cheat and zoom around because I got lost lol. Check it out if you’re still looking for something to do. It’s on until November 5th. Happy Halloween!


  • Ebony * Mag<3.B (with animation in Cage) and no glow headpiece
  • Exile Hair Lost in Wonderland
  • Glam Affair Katya Europa
  • Tears by Le Poppycock Highwayman Tears Sorrow
  • Location Haunting of Cozy Cove

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