mad labyrinth

Growing up in New Mexico, I heard plenty of scary stories…and one or two ghost stories. 😉 One that will stay with me is the story of La Llorona. As the tale goes, La Llorona, or the weeping woman, fell in love with a man and drowned her children in order to be with him. He must have been a smart man because he refused her, so she drowned herself in a Mexican river. Heaven wouldn’t have her either until she found her innocent children. If you are walking along a lake or river bank and hear her hopeless cries, some say it’s a prediction for your death. So cover your ears and close your eyes until the wails cease otherwise it will be your blood on La Llorona‘s hands.

la llorona

As a child, that story terrified me, and hey, it’s Halloween and I wanted to blog Mag<3 Ebony outfit. It’s an exclusive item for the Mad Labyrinth Hunt. That maze is crazy! I tried to cheat and zoom around because I got lost lol. Check it out if you’re still looking for something to do. It’s on until November 5th. Happy Halloween!


  • Ebony * Mag<3.B (with animation in Cage) and no glow headpiece
  • Exile Hair Lost in Wonderland
  • Glam Affair Katya Europa
  • Tears by Le Poppycock Highwayman Tears Sorrow
  • Location Haunting of Cozy Cove


One of the things I love about summer is going to outdoor concerts! Mag<3.B. Beach Festival is a sexy little piece that shows off plenty of skin.  It comes with the two versions of the shoulder bag, two versions of sunglasses, and super cute sandals.


It’s one of her newest releases too! For a lift to Mag<3.B., click here.


  • Outfit: Beach Festival in Purple w/colorful bag and sunglasses in peace (190l)
  • Hair: .+*Paio*+.Lightbrown
  • Bracelet: *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (neon) LT from June Arcade
  • Pose: Adorkable Lean II 5

soaking up the sun

Mag<3.B’s Becca swimsuits are super cute! They come with a matching purse, shoes, and hat, and the complete set is only 190L.  You have the choice of wearing the hat or holding the hat. I absolutely love mesh swimwear, so if you do too, check out Mag<3.B. 

Mag Becca

Click here for lift to Mag<B. inworld location and happy shopping!