15 shades of boho chic

PurpleMoon’s Meadow Maxi dress is stylish, boho chic, and versatile all rolled into one. If you love to wear a certain silhouette, but you yearn for color or pattern changes, Meadow Maxi allows you to do that with just one click.

Purple Moon Maxi

All you do is wear the hud (and the dress at the same time of course!), and click on the pattern you want to wear that day. Boom! It’s an instant outfit change.

pm hud_001

It’s very cool. I love it when outfits come with a hud such as this because it doesn’t take up as much space in our inventories. Yay for SL technology!

Don’t forget that you must buy the initial dress in order for this to work. While the hud I’m showing has all the patterns available, you can also choose specific huds if you only fancied the striped, floral, or circle print.  Click here for your lift to PurpleMoon and happy shopping!

Styling Credits:

On me:

On Sunshine:

Pose by Glitterati “Sparkle”

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