Immortal Beauty

Most of us equate the name Aphrodite with the immortal Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual passion. Egoisme’s newest skin aptly named Aphrodite is the newest addition to their Olympus Dieties collection for women. If you are a bold and passionate women who isn’t afraid to get what she wants, Aphrodite skin will reveal your sensual nature to the Second Life Grid.


By the way, did you know Egoisme also has a gorgeous women’s wear? There’s Haute Couture, classic, and casual that would suit all occasions. My whole outfit comes from there minus the shoes and clutch, so it’s definitely worth a stop over.

The Aphrodite skin fatpack gives you the best of both worlds, with so many makeups to choose from, and I was going to show you each makeup, but that’s half the fun in getting a new skin. Try a demo and you’ll see what I mean. As a brief sample, the makeups come in eyeshadows, lips, and two types of blushes, so you can mix and match the layers and range from clean and fresh to bold and dramatic.

Aphrodite Makeup Sample

What I really like about the fat pack is it offers you a variety of brow bases. That’s something I look for in a fat pack because while most days I’m a brunette, there are some days I love to run around as a blonde. Plus with all the makeups we have available to us, the Aphrodite skin fat pack also includes a no eyebrow option, so you can wear those dramatic makeups with heavy brows.

Aphrodite Eyebrow Base

Last but not least, for all you ladies who love their lolas, Aphrodite provides the appliers, so you can match your skin tone perfectly. I have a picture in mind for that, so while I was saving that bit of information, I couldn’t resist sharing because it’s often time consuming to find that “perfect” match when in this case, the designer did it for you. I’m wearing my own shape this time, but again I have a plan for the Aphrodite shape with skin, so stay  tuned!

I’m wearing Pale, but there are other shades too, so click here to try on a demo at the Egoisme main store. Happy shopping!

Styling Credits for full picture:

  • Evian – Aphrodite Skin – PALE ( Dark brows ) Normal
  • Egoisme Tubino – Twirls – XS
  • EHC – Solitude Mesh Shirt – M
  • Evian – Aphrodite Skin Makeup – Eyeshadow Black Smoke
  • Evian – Aphrodite Makeup – Chocolate GlossV2
  • Evian – Aphrodite – Blush – Daily
  • AD.b fix earth hair
  • ((Crystal Line))Royal Necklace and Pierce Earrings-SILVER
  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
  • *N@N@*Galatica ring
  • MG – Bracelets – Monaco nights
  • [Gos] Marilyn Sandals – Taupe & Snake – S
  • {LIV-Glam}.:Spring-2013:.Mirla Stud Clutch
  • Pose: slouch PF 008 at Pose Fair 2013

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