Santa’s Helpers

Tick tock! Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas! Start your Christmas shopping early! Or treat yourself to your own Christmas treats. This lil outfit from Fiend is just the one to put you in a jolly holiday mood.  Fiend Santa Helpers at Acid LilyFind Fiend’s Santa’s Helper Dress over at Acid Lily this week! It comes in a variety of colors. Also as an Acid Lily gift, Co*Motion offers you a Christmas Acid Lily pose. It comes with the ornaments and the green and red striped leggings. It’s a super cute pose for any last-minute Christmas Cards. On the left, I’m using a subscriber gift from Label motion. Love My Christmas Teddy! It features multiple poses as well. Happy shopping!

Outfit: Fiend Santa’s Helper in Red and White at Acid Lily
Pose on right: Co*Motion Acid Lily Pose and Leggings at Acid Lily
Pose on left: Subscriber Gift My Christmas Teddy at Label Motion

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