MoYaz at Acid Lily

MoYaz has two super cute and comfy mesh dresses at Acid Lily this week. I couldn’t decide on which one to feature, so I just decided to show both. The Autumn Flower Beau Mesh dress has all your warm fall colors rolled into one spectacular print.

The Black Temptation Beau is equally cute but in gray-scale tones with subtle mauve undertones. I paired the dresses with MoYaz’s basic collection leggings in brown and black, also at Acid Lily this week.

They gave me a Southwestern vibe, so I had to pick up Barnesworth Anubis’s Marrakesh Oasis for my shots. I’m actually in the SW in real life, but we don’t have palm trees in my particular region. Such a shame because I love them! Each MoYaz dress is available at a promo price of 69L until this Sunday. Check them out at Acid Lily.

Picture One

MoYaz Luna Leggings brown (49L) and Beau Mesh  dress Autumn Flower (69L) at Acid Lily
Schadenfreude Amargosa Boots (Collabor88)
Hair : D!va Daria Type A (Collabor88)
Boho Ring – Turquoise (Collabor88)
MG – Necklace – Tarifa – Group All (Collabor88)
Chey’s Silver Turquoise Hoop Earrings
Izzie’s – Classic Nails
Pose: Diesel Miaa 10

Picture Two

MoYaz Luna Leggings black (49L) and Beau Mesh  dress Black Temptation at Acid Lily
Hair : D!va Daria Type B (Collabor88)
MG – Necklace – Alchemy Charm  Coins – Group All – SILVER (Collabor88)
Schadenfreude Amargosa Boots (Collabor88)
Izzie’s – Classic Nails

Barnesworth Anubis’s Marrakesh Oasis  (Collabor88)

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