Inner Animal

Certain clothes can bring out the animal in us! Especially when they have animal prints;) Yeah not my most clever statement lol, but Chandelle added the cutest dress to Acid Lily’s recent showcase collection. The giraffe print is really well done, and the texture itself looks so soft and has a subtle fuzzy feel. It’s available for a promo price of 70L or under and has an amazing fit.

Had to give a backside shot to show the cute details on the shoes. Opium Kokeshi Hocs Heels are also one of the many deals over at Acid Lily. Love to wear wedges in rl and sl. These shoes come with a color change hud, so you have options to change the shoe color too!

CHANDELLE – Dress #03 giraffe and Opium Kokeshi Hocs Heels for promo price @ Acid Lily

Dark Mouse Fossilized Necklace, Bracelets, and Earrings in Gold
Exile Darla/brownsugar
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Vanity
Glam Affair – Giselle – Natural D HB 01

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