A Turning Point: The Aftermath of Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, my real life boyfriend used to read my blog posts, albeit on the toilet, so I guarded my words. Nowadays, he’s busy, so I sometimes use my blog as a journal.

A turning point represents a change in a relationship. The change may be good, but it may also mean the end. Happily enough, my turning point does not involve a breakup, but a new challenge. It’s ridiculously easy to fall in love. However, it isn’t always easy to maintain the excitement. New relationships are invigorating. Stable, committed relationships hold the same excitement, but, for me, the anxiety of spending one’s life with one person takes over. Suffice it to say…I got over myself because I almost made the wrong choice. So…how did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

A turning point

Dani Plassitz’s Valentine dress Amora goes beyond February 14. Amora is available in eight shades. The high cut slit and daring bodice combined make this one of the sexiest, yet elegant, designs I’ve come across. Plus, I’m a girly girl, so I’m a sucker for bows.

Styles by Danielle Amora

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Cheers to the day after Valentine’s Day! I hope your hearts are content.


Dress: Styles by Danielle Amora in Pink
Hair: Exile::Check Out Time
Shoes: Ingenue :: Jolie Heels (Slink Add-On) :: Wine
Jewelry: Lazuri MVW 2013 Lolita Paragorn Earrings
Poses: Flowey The Big Black Sky and Manifeste 450
Location: Pandora Box of Dreams