I Prefer Pink

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. Love the book; love a few of the movie versions. Love! The Queen of Hearts is an unforgettable character, but if I accidentally grew white roses, I would paint them pink.

Petit Chat’s The Finesse of a Rose” is a delicate, sultry ensemble. If you love roses, you’ll love this gown. It’s a PENUMBRA. Fashion Week AW15 exclusive item too!

I prefer Pink: PENUMBRA. AW15

If you’re planning on visiting PENUMBRA. Fashion Week AW15 Tuesday, October 20, get ready for the  “The Toddleedoo Experience.” Got kids? If so, it’s a must see show. Dedicated to children’s fashions, the fashion show features designers Baby Burp, MeshMerized, Soda Pop Shop and Zanzadoodle. The show starts at Tuesday at 4PM. Here’s your lift. 

Planning ahead? Wednesday’s 3 PM fashion show features Petit Chat, you can see this gown in motion, Indyra, October’s 4Seasons, I’m really digging this skin, Prey, Rayne Couture, Tres Beau, Virtual Diva Couture and White Room.

See you there!


Dress: *Petit Chat* The finesse of a rose (Penumbra Exclusive)
October 4Seasons – J’adore Blossom Natural  (Penumbra Exclusive)
Hair::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland:
La Penderie de Nicole:: A rose flower on my head:: (former L’accessoires item)
Pose: **Manifeste** – Model_719
Location: Dysphoria – Alice in Wonderland