Life is a Highway

Yearning to take a road trip? Set out on the Route 66 Road Trip Hunt. There’s approximately 45 stops and Dirty.Little.Secret is one. The “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” is a complete and partial mesh outfit and comes with the top, pants, and high tops.

DLS Route 66 Hunt

It also comes with a backpack so you store any souvenirs as you go about your travels.

DLS Route 66

Find the hint tips hereHowever, since this is a post for Dirty.Little.Secrets, I’ll go ahead and give you their clue now: open drawers are a hazard! Now what can that mean? 😉 This particular hunt ends on March 20. Happy hunting!


  • [d.l.s.] :: Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (partial mesh)
  • Magika [Hair Un-rigged] Little
  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.5 and Saga Lips 01
  • Miel Pilot Peeper Sunglasses