Me Against Me

I swear I lose my mind every Christmas. It’s like a tradition.

So, I’m shopping today and realized I forgot to note who I got a present for and who I didn’t. I play the game of hide receipts in a safe place because I know I’ll have doubles or I change my mind. By Christmas Eve, I’ll give up, but not until 2 hours before the malls close. I can’t be alone in this. Right?

Outfit: Legendaire Jade Coat and Scarf (Multiple colors and scarf patterns!)
Shirt: Sweet Tea Ribbed Turtlenecks Dreary Day
Shoes: Legendaire Raphaela Boots
Gloves: Blackburns Long Bento Gloves w/color change hud
Hair: Lamb Witchy
Shopping bags by [Since1975]
Location: The Dickens Project
Pose: SVP Ringak 1 @Pose Fair Winter Holiday

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