“…as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you…”

Sometimes, my husband doesn’t get it. While I’m glad he’s motivated, I still have to live for myself. Do I make the best decisions all time? Nope. Such is life. Life isn’t black and white, but I do love the contrast of black and white.

Du du du-du, du du du-du

Styles by Danielle’s Livia has three color options with its HUD. Black and white Jenny is September’s group gift.

Jenny and Livia

There’s a small enrollment fee to join Styles by Danielle’s group, but all group members receive exclusive monthly gifts (see above 🙂 ), a 30% discount on new releases, and tons of other on the spot group gifts and discounts.

Click Styles by Danielle for an in-world lift or if you feel like shopping out of world, click here for Styles by Danielle on MP.

What I’m wearing:

Styles by Danielle Livia Trio (Hud Driven 3 Designs)
Chop Zuey To The Daisy Grey Earrings and Ring (Group Gift)
Truth hair Sakina
KC Caty Wedges for Belleza Venus
Pose One Glitterati Long Hair 003

What Sunshine is wearing:

Styles by Danielle Jenny in Black (Inworld group gift)
Magika Which Witch
KC Caty Wedges worn with Slink Female Feet High
Vintage Roses for Flower Fair Bracelet, Necklace, and Large Earrings
Pose one Gemma Pose 2 – Label Motion

Post title pinched from Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”

*Disclaimer – I was moody when I wrote this post about four days ago. My hubby totally gets me today. 😉

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