Thrill of the Hunt

Easter weekend was a lazy time for me. I left my basket back in Albuquerque, so I decided to celebrate PurpleMoon Creations’ Dress Me Purple II Hunt instead. Tomorrow, April 10, is the last day!


Look for the purple egg and find your treat. Did you know purple is often associated with royalty and power? Thus, all the treats are delicious pieces in all shades of purple. Also, they don’t cost one linden. Free can be both stylish and sexy. Here’s a lift to PurpleMoon.

Happy hunting!


For last minute hunters, here are the rules:

1- This hunt is free and open to public (no group membership required)
2- The object you are looking for is an egg in purple polka dot texture (like the sample pictured in the poster)
3- To receive the gift, simple TOUCH the egg!. You will be given an object that you can WEAR to UNPACK.
4- The eggs are numbered from 1 to 10.
5- There are no hints given. They are easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else. They are only hidden at the GROUND LEVEL of the Main Store, no outdoors or upper level.
6- The balloons decorating the rooms are an indicator that there are purple eggs hidden in that room.




Pose: Glitterati Through Everything
Location: WatchTower 

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