Once upon a time…

I wonder if Style by Danielle’s outfit Lisa shares my middle name. My real name is Lisa, or formerly, it is Alisa, so technically I am a Lisa. My middle name is Marie, and I always wondered about my mom and dad’s reasoning, but almost every Lisa I have met has had the same middle name.

Hey Elvis? You really do live on through your daughter! It inspired my parents and many others. ūüėÄ

Lisa by Danielle

Lisa, the outfit, ¬†has the distinctive¬†Danielle flair, and you can wear each piece separately or together as I did. Danielle’s Taj Majestic jewelry completes the look, but no fears because you can change the gems and metals via hud too.

Styles by Danielle Lisa

Lisa comes in other colors, but if you select the white version, it comes with a hud so you can select to turn on or turn off full bright. I love you Lisa. That may have been my subconscious talking, but you gotta love a Lisa…right? ūüėČ

When shopping, make sure to wear your tag if you are a Danielle inworld group member because you’ll receive a 30% discount. Click Styles by Danielle for an in-world lift or if you feel like shopping out of world, click here for Styles by Danielle on MP.


  • Styles by Danielle Lisa in Amazon Green
    Styles by Danielle Taj Bracelets and Earrings Majestic
    Styles by Danielle Vista Black wedges (rigged)
    [INK] Hair___JUNO ::Brown @ Collabor88
    Pose 1: IsoMotion – Editorial 9
    Pose 2: Del May Hippy Bitch


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