“this is where it starts”

If there is one thing I love in life, it’s new clothes, shoes, and books. I know. Books aren’t accessories but I still like to carry them around! I even read a few when I get the chance šŸ˜‰

I finished my MA last spring, so I haven’t picked up any reading material yet. Know of any good books? Let me know because I plan on taking an extended vacation from one of my real life jobs. Enough about me…my whole point was to show talk about Liv Glam and Acid Lily! Alouette’s Crate BookshelvesĀ (minus the one that readsĀ books)Ā are one of the many items you can find at Acid Lily. You can actually personalize them by adding a special picture! ClickĀ hereĀ for a lift to Acid Lily.

On another note, Liv Glam’s K Collection has the cutest dress over at Fashion’s Story Fair. It’s called “Smells like Teen Spirit” and you’ll find it in the section reserved for 80’s and 90’s wear.

Liv Glam Sept 25

As for the right, Liv Glam’s K Collection “Sweetest Thing” features fun Capri pants, cropped sweater, and shirt. It’s a Chic la Mode Friday special (and yeah, I know it’s Wednesday, but rl work is killing me…thus the break!). Ā At any rate, it’s new! Need a lift? ClickĀ hereĀ for a lift to Fashion’s Story Fair orĀ hereĀ for a lift to Liv Glam.

Left Credits:

  • [LG] K Collection Smells Like Teen Spirit Dress S
  • fri. – Allison.Boots
  • Clawtooth: Je t’aime – Salty
  • fri. – Allison.Boots (Regular) – Soot
  • Tabloid . TAPE bag . White . Black chain
  • Pose: Glitterati Model 344

Right Credits:

  • [LG] K Collection Sweetest Thing
  • fri. – Allison.Boots (Regular) – Spats
  • Exile::Falling For You (L)Light Browns
  • (Milk Motion) The cat bag – silver
  • Pose:Ā bez friends 5 Purple Poses
  • Post title stolen fromĀ The HoursĀ 

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