“I just made you up to hurt myself”

Do you have a rock attitude? If so, Lutricia of the Deluxe Body Factory is participating in the Rock Attitude hunt! Her exclusive skin Signe features killer makeup and three breast options. Right now, the skin tone is Vanilla, so if you have your Slink appliers or Lola Tango appliers you’ll be able to match accordingly. However, after the hunt, Signe will be available in four skin tones…and yes, they will be Slink and Lola compatible!

Rock Hunt skin and Acid Lily

Click here for the Rock Attitude Hunt 3 details.

I also wanted to mention Tenjin’s Fairy Princess Tattoo. You’ll find that at Acid Lily, but this is the first mesh tattoo I have ever owned and it’s pretty cool because it seems to make the tattoo have the details one might see on regular human flesh. It comes in traditional layers too, so check it out if you love to use your body as a palette.

Click here to head on down to Acid Lily. Happy shopping!


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