hello sailor!

Happy Memorial Day! How did you celebrate? As many of you know, the United States honors all the men and women who died while serving for our country on Memorial Day. Today also marks the start of the summer season! Speaking of summer, that means it’s bathing suit weather. The super cute Hello Sailor swimsuit by Magritta has a ton of vintage flair. It comes with the shoes and an easy to use skin and nail hud, the little sailor hat, and prop life preservers.

Vintage Swimsuit

One preserver goes around your waist and the other you wear on your right hand, click, and your avi goes into a little hold pose.  Mind you though, I’m using pose balls so that’s the animation you see.  If you’re looking for mesh swimwear, you can visit Magritta’s store inworld or on Marketplace. It comes in gold and pink too. It’s absolutely adorable! Happy shopping and, one last, Happy Memorial’s Day!


  • Featuring: Mag<3.B. Hello Sailor* swimsuits in Black, Rouge, and Blue (new!)
  • Truth Hair: Gogo – champagne; Caprice Browns; Marisol Walnut
  • Deetalez Skin Gogo lust; Laq Saga; Laq Minna
  • Pose by Glitterati– Girls Night

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