LIV-Glam Pays Tribute to Amy Winehouse for Upcoming FOASH!

LIV-Glam is taking part of the Feast of all Saints Hunt. The hunt begins on October 1 and ends of November 1. You can find more information about the hunt in its WixSite. It is the celebration of those who have passed away, but who also remain inspirational. LIV-Glam chose to bring Amy Winehouse back to life, so to speak, and pay tribute to the award-winning songstress who made her own stamp in the fashion world.

The Amy Winehouse Tribute dress is made of mesh and comes in SL standard sizes. You’ll be searching for a small blue heart prim. It starts on October first, so for starting location, click here. Or if you just want to hunt for above dress, here’s a ride to LIV-Glam. Click here and happy hunting!

Dress: [LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-FOASH Amy Winehouse Tribute Dress in XS

Makeup: Izzie’s – Cat Eyeliner 4, Exodi Makeups – Beauty Marks – Left Upper Lip, Miamai_XGen Lashes_Vanity

Accessories: Phoebe Aysha Earrings ~Silver~ and Sheila tattoo

Hair: Vanity Wake Up Alone

Animation: Di’s Opera – Di’s Opera – Fatale Life 5 – Cig right hand with Cigarette w/ smoke – Right Hand



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