LIV Glam at the Solidarity Store

LIV Glam has three exclusive items at The Solidarity Store! It’s a reason to shop because all proceeds will go to the Kibera Youth initiative – Mama Tunza’s Project. For a list of all participating stores, or if you just want to know more about this initiative, click here. The store will be open until September 30, 2012.

All of you who love to LIV glamorous will love Sam’s pieces. This is only one, and the other two items are gorgeous mesh dresses. I was actually going to include them in this post…but I can’t find my flash drive…grrrrrr….or Rawr! The outfit I can show is a delicious animal print. I love its silhouette.

It’s an exclusive item for this special and important event. I’m sure every little bit helps and when we shop for a cause, it’s all the more sweeter. Click below for a direct tp.


[LIV-Glam] Fall 2012 Masai Mara 02 @ The Solidarity Store

booN TYU321 hair brown

Gems & Kisses – Chen Set

N-core Manicure


Glam Affair – Lilith – America 08

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