Double the Fun for Fifty5 Thursday

Happy Thursday! Once upon a time, Thursday was not quite as good as Friday because there was one more day we had to go through before the weekend. Thanks to Fifty5 Thursdays, we can shop our day away. Make sure to stop by LIV-Glam because there are two über cute mini dresses out for Fifty5 Thursday! Both are mesh, and both have limitless color changes via a hud. Here’s a ride to LIV-Glam: click here!

Look on the left:

[LIV-Glam]::Everyday::Imogen Mesh Dress @ LIV-Glam for Fifty5 Thursday!
accessories: Dark Mouse Nouveau Rose Bakelite Earrings and Bangles and [e] Parade Hair

Look on the Right:

[LIV-Glam]::Everyday::Jacqueline Dress @ LIV-Glam for Fifty5 Thursday!
Accessories:Dark Mouse Embrace of Flowers Set and [e] Found Hair

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