Just Dew It

I love wearing sky-high wedges in RL, and I’m no different in SL. Dew has the cutest wedge boots at Acid Lily this week. I love the thick heels and the silver studs. Caution…these boots give you some serious height! I love to be super tall in SL, so they work perfectly for me. I did a lot of walking today…so am taking a lil break 😉

Styling Credits:

Dew Wedge Boots in Gray @ Acid Lily

“DEW” Lilith leggings black series 1 and “DEW” Madison mesh tank style 3 @ Dew

Truth Hair Cyndi

Glam Affair Cassiopea – America 08

.:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Necklace and Earrings (hunt gift)

Hanging out on Glitterati’s “The Bridge”


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