Can never have too many homes in second life!

I have a tendency to purchase different houses. Most are skyboxes because I love my privacy. Some I love and keep up for a while and some I put up and take down after a couple of days. Even though this is our virtual life, I think we should feel comfy in the place we call home. I think I found my new home at collabor88! BarnesworthAnubis made a truly delicious skybox, Stockholm Attic Skybox. The details are amazing and it is just so cozy! You have the option to purchase the skybox sans furniture, but I went ahead and got the whole deal because the price was right. I don’t use sl furniture that often, so if you really like to chill on a couch or bed, you may find it a bit limited for your tastes. However, for my tastes and my sl life, it was perfect. I used a standard sit from my AO for the bed shot, but I really wanted to get a view of the window behind me.

I feel like nesting lol. Time to add some of my own stuff and decorate 😉


Credits:Stockholm Attic Skybox @ Collabor88

*Raw picures but on ultra graphics :)* 


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