Another Fashion Collector!

I’ve been playing around in Second Life for some time now, and one of my favorite pastimes is collecting new items to fill up my inventory. Actually, I do try to keep my inventory down to a respectable level, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding and purchasing new clothes, shoes, jewelry….actually… anything! I especially love places such as The Dressing Room and Collabor8 because a lot of amazing designers offer their creations for minimal lindens. Which is always super nice! What’s better than minimal? Free! Loads of designers also have hunts for their customers and items are often free. Not so bad! So hunts and bargain shop items usually find their way into my inventory, but like any true shopaholic, I do not let prices stop me when I see something Imusthave.

Thus the reason for this blog. We all have the opportunity to use blogs to spread our word, so I’m going to use this new blog as my fashion dairy. Totally another fashion blog, but I love to collect beautiful things…so why not? 😉


♥ Laylah Lecker

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