Styling Suicide Girl

Last night one of my friends, Rhea, mentioned she was taking pictures for a Suicide Girls Flickr group, so I thought that would be fun to try myself! I love tattoos in real life, and I do have three, but I always wanted to get more. I’m too chicken because … well… real life tattoos are for real 😉 So I let myself go under the ink pen in SL. I didn’t do the piercings because 1) I didn’t have them in my inventory, and 2) I didn’t want to purchase what I would rarely wear.
This is also my contribution for my advanced blogging class. I tell my students to do assignments so I best do them too! However, I cheated because I used a small amount of PS to smooth out the sharp edges on my thigh and torso, and I asked them to produce a stunning snapshot using only SL means. Still the Glitterati Justified Couch I’m laying on is awesome. I have a freakishly tall avi, so I’m pretty sure it is totally my height.
Styling Credits:
Arm tattoos: Actchio Cupcake Ponies Tattoo
Leg tattoos: Actchio Video Killed the Radio Star Leg Tattoo
Midsection tattoo: JayGee Girl with Dragon Tattoo
Bra: Niniko Natural Tunic Bra White
Undies: C’est Moi ! white girly panties
Hair: Truth Hair Veronica Platinum with black bottom
Rings: +Rozoregalia+ Gemma nails (using only the rings)
Nails: Persona Nail Gloves in Black (cannot seem to find workable link at the moment)

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